America by car, part 7/10 - Yosemite National Park

America by car, part 7/10 - Yosemite National Park – main image

Mammooth Lakes surprised us a lot, especially as after the hot climate of Death Valley, the ladies in the klapunias had to get through at 0 degrees in the rain and snow to the door of our room. We were not completely prepared for such a sudden change in weather ...

We got up at 10:00, because today we had only 150 miles to go, so casual. Taking our time, we went to breakfast for real American cuisine. Looking around, it was easy to see people dressed in ski suits and boots scurrying with snowboards and skis. It was not difficult to find out that we are in a ski resort. What was our surprise when at the reception of the motel Kuba asked for a weather report - and this is a real winter. It turned out that many roads are closed and there is no chance to pass. Our route is closed from October to June (only access to Yosemite from the east, 10,000ft mountain pass) - so we'd have to wait a while. We quickly re-planned the route and to get to the next destination - Yosemite, we had to go around the entire Sierra Nevada mountain range - only 500 miles ...

In other words, a whole day's journey. We left town in the rain, leaving the mountain ranges in fog. We managed to drive about 30 miles and a beautiful lake appeared, the weather also improved, although it was blowing like hell. Imagine my surprise when I grabbed the camera to capture these great views and here's a surprise ... the batteries were left in the motel. We weren't allowed to leave Mammoths Lakes, so we drove back to the lovely resort. Fortunately, the batteries were in place and still charging.

We definitely left Mammoths at 1pm !!!!!!! Gmurcia grabbed the wheel and sped almost 300 miles without a pee stop (7 hours) in her new high-end 20-hole cap and stripped Vegas glasses. Along the way, we only had 3 refueling, a little shopping and I think we traveled through all the seasons of the year. We drove and rode until it got dark and the drivers changed.

Kuba got to the circle at the right moment, because some great streamers started, normal as on a carousel. We regretted that the moon illuminated these steep slopes so poorly, because the views would probably be unearthly. Before midnight, we arrived at the Oakhurst - Americas Best Value Inn Motel. The room was great, but there was no fridge, which made the boys very worried ...

It is more and more difficult for us to get up at 9 o'clock ... When it was - after arriving at "juesej" we woke up just after 6 am, a moment later for breakfast and from 9 o'clock we were already on the road ... . Now we wake up around 9 o'clock, and we are on our way only after 11 o'clock ... we plan to return to the previous regime (read: we will switch - soon - to nightlife, after all, San Francisco is calling.
We would like to thank the numerous support brigade from the country, Agata and Wojtek , thank you very much for all the tips and practical advice they gave us and which turned out to be invaluable on the road. We already invite you to a delicious American-style dinner (read: we'll order something from fast food !!!) and a slide show - 6500 photos - of course only from the first four days.
Yosemite National Park probably turned out to be the least surprising of the parks so far, but from my point of view (HOW SUBJECTIVE!) - wonderful. So far I have only read about the honorable wall of climbers EL CAPITAN. Today I was taking photos of HER (of him ?!). Likewise with the gigantic Half Dome. Earlier we touched on Mariposa Grove - we had a foretaste of what awaits us probably in Sequoia National Park - in short - giant trees

In addition to great climbing walls and countless hiking opportunities, Yosemite is also home to the gigantic Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls!

I invite you to read the next part about Sequoia National Park

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I crossed America by car and I am happy to tell you about it!

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