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The passing holiday season was full of offers for the Greek islands. Starting from Rhodes, through Crete, Zakynthos, Corfu to Kos and the coast of Thessaloniki. It was not difficult to choose a last minute offer. 2 days before departure, browsing through the places with reservations in the travel agency, they disappeared with each refresh of the page. The decision was made ! We are going to the 4 * Asteras Hotel in Kardamena, Kos.

Departure from Katowice on September 14, flight 2,5h. The airport was a bit like the Colombian airport from the John Deep movie Blow. But never mind that. We didn't come to smuggle cocaine but rest.

Access from the airport is a pleasant 15 minutes. Overall, no traffic problem as all major roads are in great condition and lead to the most important resorts on the island. Wikipedia claims that the island covers an area of approximately 290 km2, 50 km long and 10 km wide.

After the first day of sunbathing, frying and drinking, we focused on traveling! And what we will try on our own. Vacation is finally here! In the morning the decision was made: "Darling, we will rent a scooter and go on a trip." OKAY ! While Basia was taking a shower, I went for a walk to the center of Kardamena. I visited the local multi-track car rental company "SEBastianos". Even before entering the office, I knew that this yellow lunar rover in the parking lot is something better than a scooter without a trunk and a 50cc engine. The great English of the over 50-year-old Greek owner drew him into a conversation, which resulted in handing out a map and writing out the most interesting places to visit according to him. Big five for Sebastianos tips. The keys were handed over, the instruction on how to operate the buggy lasted less than paying with a card at Biedronka. "Turn on here, forward gear, reverse gear, etc.". Kalimera my dear friend!

On my way back to the hotel I had to refuel the yellow arrow. A full tank of 10 euros - enough for a good 60 km of mountain routes, of which there are many in Kos.

We took the most necessary things from the room: go pro, diving mask, glasses, towels, candies. How priceless was the reaction of Basia, who learns in the parking lot that we are driving a Fiat 126p without a car body, windows and a reserve fuel tank after a 1.5-liter bottle of Nałęczowianka attached to the engine. She always liked surprises. By moving your finger on the map, we set the route for today. DRIVING!

From Kardamena we quickly made our way up the mountain road to Pyli, then enjoying great views to Zia. Very old town situated on the road. So inconspicuous that as we passed it, I realized we had already passed it. Well, the trip continues, we'll be back tomorrow. We're going to Asklepion. Ancient ruins of a former Greek VIP sanatorium. Entry ticket 4 euros. Hmmm worth a visit. After a walk in the sanatorium, we follow the mountain trail to Kos - the capital of the island. It resembles Kołobrzeg, but is a bit more charming and with more certain weather than in the middle of September. With 10euro in our wallet, we couldn't afford the swordfish in the restaurant, let alone the gyros, so we decided to come back to the hotel for an early dinner (they were served from 6pm).

Leaving Kos, we went to the northern coast of the island. We drove into Marmari. Resort with one road ended with a roundabout ... No comment. We turned down a gravel road that stretched along the beach. There was a small parking lot at the end of it. Time for beaching and swimming. The place is wonderfully quiet, on the right, in the far distance, hotel sunbeds, on the left, behind the sand embankment, there is a geriatric nudist beach. Perfectly clean sand, the descent to the sea is equally pleasant and the warmest water around the island!

After dinner at the hotel, a decision was made to go to the other end of the island, Kefalos. Very good roads leading through the island make a heartache. The Greeks could show GDDIKA how roads are made on the island, despite the country's billions in debt. Access to Kefalos and a trip to the hills leading to the higher villages were additionally enhanced by the stunning view of the setting sun.

It was disgustingly romantic upstairs - as always, the right words of my partner.

The descent turned out to be a great skill in driving a buggy. The beast really could do wonders on sharp slopes. After west, returning on the highway turned out to be a little less pleasant. Shorts and a long-sleeved shirt do not work well when you are driving a rover at a speed of 80 km / h without a body and windshield. But a Pole can do it - a t-shirt instead of a scarf, a towel for the knees, and frostbite was not possible. However, after returning to the hotel, it was not possible to do without an increased dose of gin & tonic.

The next morning, wiser in the experience of the previous day, we took EURO instead of candy. We went straight to the mountain village of Zia. However, signposts on the way led us to the forest. Driving, hoping to get somewhere, we came across a parking lot full of cars. It turned out to be an inn at the foot of Old Town Pyli - an ancient settlement located in the mountains with a rather badly damaged castle on the top. Great views and a majestic atmosphere. All for free. Only it is worth having full shoes. Only at the end did I understand why tourists looked at my flip-flops so strangely.

Following the signs to Zia, we took the right direction (signs are sometimes in quite unpredictable places and not necessarily on the side from which you come). It's good to park in the free car park 100m in front of the city center - easier to find. Only when we entered the village, its charm appeared. Lots of stalls, local olive oil, liqueurs, etc. The town stretches along narrow alleys towards the mountains. We came to the No Stress restaurant. typical for Greece, blue and white colors of the walls. A tiny terrace with 6 tables, facing the north-eastern coast of Kos. The waiter, a young Greek, really adhered to the no stress principle, because after serving the card, we immediately felt inner peace despite waiting 10 minutes. until he comes to us. The best moussaka we have ever eaten. Cinnamon lemonade and homemade bread with raisins and olives completed the dinner. "No Stress" made our day!

If in any cafe, bar or restaurant in Kos you need to check your e-mails, post a photo on FB or read something on camprest.com, don't worry, free wi-fi is everywhere!

We couldn't skip a second chillout on the almost empty beach in Marmari. After the beach, we returned to the hotel for warm clothes and a small snack. Quick collection and a return trip to Kefalos, but with more time reserve and a plan to visit each asphalt path.

A lot to write and tell, but to sum up, I enjoyed the satisfaction of passing barely going (walking) tourists on scooters with a 50cc engine. Our 250cc buggy was a real blast on mountain roads. The buggy waving in a friendly gesture as it passes other drivers.

The total cost of renting a buggy for 2 days with 3x refueling was 100 EUR. You may think that a lot, but probably no guided tour will give you as much satisfaction as your own conquests with your loved one on a foreign land.

Greetings from Basia and Dominik

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