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It has been known for a long time that manufacturers from Germany are the leaders in the European motorhome market. Their offer practically meets the tastes, needs and financial possibilities of every (statistical) European caravanning enthusiast. The cheapest models of motorhomes are actually only slightly modified buses, while the slightly more expensive ones are based on ready-made chassis of vans. However, according to some users, only integrated campers provide favorable conditions for rest.

Of course, the biggest disadvantage of vehicles of this type is their price - easily exceeding even half a million zlotys. The Niesmann + Bischoff company has several integrated motorhomes in its catalogs. We were most interested in the Flair 920 LE model, planned for 2015 .

Like all motorhomes with an integrated structure , the Flait 920 LE does not resemble the delivery vehicle on the basis of which it was built. German vehicle developers used Iveco Daily as the basis of the entire structure. The appropriate level of available power is ensured by a three-liter diesel engine generating 205 HP . What's more, power is transferred to the wheels via an automatic transmission - increasing driving comfort.

Attention to detail and functionality

At first glance, we can see the floor covered with imitation of wooden panels , interestingly - also in the driver's cabin. The manufacturer, for the driver's comfort of work, took care of the selection of spacious seats with comprehensive adjustment , as well as optional navigation and numerous storage compartments .

One of the biggest advantages of the model is its functionality, the huge number and capacity of compartments will satisfy even the most demanding users. On the sides of the motorhome, there are several large-sized hiding places for both luggage and equipment of a four-person crew, as well as water tanks ( 370 liters for clean water ) and leisure accessories. In the rear part of the vehicle there is the largest loading hatch - we can pack a few bicycles, a scooter or even a small quad .

Interior for four

After going inside, on the right side you will see the sitting area of the interior. Leather sofas ( one of them is equipped with seat belts and headrests ) on both sides guarantee a place at the table for more than four people.

In the second part of the motorhome, just behind one of the sofas, you will find a kitchenette . A single-chamber sink, gas stove, numerous cabinets and a practical table top create convenient conditions for preparing meals. Right next to it, the manufacturer has provided a place for a chemical toilet - a shower cubicle and a washbasin are located opposite it in a similar space. Interestingly, the seating area can be separated from the sleeping area with a solid door.

At the end of the camper, measuring 9.27 m , we find a large bed , which we can access via stairs (the bed is raised due to the "garage" underneath ). As befits a mobile apartment, the Flair 920 LE has a lot of suspended from the ceiling cabinets. An LCD TV was hung next to a capacious refrigerator.

Motorhomes offering more than adequate living conditions always require a lot of money on your account. Niesmann + Bischoff Flair 920 LE on the German market costs 226,000 euros (gross price), providing users with air conditioning, heating and an extensive audio system.

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