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Well, I am starting the first caravan trip in my life. Not only is the route quite long, about 2400 km, it is also a topic from the Middle Ages. In general, this trip can be described not so much as "castle", but from the series "I see locks everywhere" (after such a week you look in the fridge, take canned food, open it and what? See the lock :) not to mention the fact that we have enough canned food .. .).

The preparations lasted quite short, but nothing was missing during the expedition. First of all, a specific program of the expedition based on various guides, search engines ... We wanted a route to see as many castles in the Czech Republic as possible. It was literally a tour around the Czech Republic. It was not possible to drive everywhere, but there were also points that we did not take into account at all.
The car has fueled up, the food is in the fridge and wherever it can be accommodated, the health insurance is done, the navigation is programmed, so off you go ...
Day 1
Departure from Kielce at 4.30. We had to get up early to have a gas trailer inspection in Silesia on the way - and the knife will be needed on European (Czech) campsites - it was not. We also wanted to visit a few castles in Poland - yes, yes, there were supposed to be "a few", it was limited to two: Castle in Będzin - I passed this castle so many times, but only the "castle" theme of the trip made me turn off the route to take a look this building.
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Castle in Pszczyna . Here is the first problem with markings in Poland - there is an exit from the route to the Castle in Pszczyna and ... this is enough information for the driver to be enough. We headed to the center and this is how we entered ... the market square. Suddenly, in front of us, there are nicely arranged flower beds in front of the City Hall. For me, placing flowerbeds in the middle of the road means a pedestrian zone, so the only solution was to turn right. The car with a trailer could barely fit between the mirrors of cars parked on the left side of the one-way street and the wall of the tenement house on the right side. Suddenly there is a church in front of us and you have to turn 90 degrees to the right. It worked without detaching the trailer. Then straight ahead, prohibition on the left, so you have to turn right into ... the market. There was really close to it, and we wouldn't leave the narrow streets of the Old Town. Nervous with maneuvers literally centimeters we left there and ... we accidentally stumbled upon the parking lot by the castle. From there we went towards the castle, entering ... the market square. And here ... the cars going from the opposite direction neatly zigzagged around the flowerbeds, only to find themselves on the street with the castle parking lot. It was the first adventure with a trailer.

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That day we passed Stramberk Castle , but we were tired of walking, sitting and probably everything else. In the end, to leave at 4:30 you have to get up earlier ... So we looked at the castle from the car windows. We went camping. As it turned out, we spent the evening chasing mosquitoes, although they gave us peace after dark. Connecting the trailer, bath, dinner and sleep before the next stage of the journey. In the morning it turned out that a group of motorcyclists had set up camp next to us and started on their way earlier than us. Overall camping price / quality = OK.

Our first night is Camping Strażnice :
GPS: N48 ° 54 '32 E17 ° 18' 41

Day 2

We left the Watchtower Camp to admire the southern part of our neighbors' country.
We liked the Milotice castle very much, because it was located right next to the road (free parking on one side, castle on the other). We parked and set off - a beautifully restored structure, accessed via a bridge with monuments representing probably wrestlers on both sides. There is a cafe in the inner courtyard, and a beautiful, well-kept garden on the other side of the castle. Most of the castles and palaces we visit can be viewed from the outside for free. The entrance to the chambers is payable. During the trip, we came to the conclusion that the Czechs care a lot about such facilities and certainly this way they can attract tourists to their country.

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... and because there was a departure from the route, we turned without any hesitating. The driveway on a 3m wide, winding road with an elevation of about 8% through the forest was not that scary, although I do not know if anyone except us would decide to climb up such a hill. As it turned out, our fears turned out to be right. There was a car park and a restaurant right next to the castle. Our car with a trailer aroused interest, because you probably rarely see a car with a trailer at such a height. In any case, we were the only such set in the parking lot. Here, unfortunately, you counted us as for two passenger cars. The drive up, as it turned out, was not so terrible, but the downhill ride ... But we managed.
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Bucovice Castle - another unscheduled point of the trip. We saw him completely by accident in the town we were passing through. Interesting: the front is nicely renovated, a beautiful courtyard and garden, and the side walls of the castle ... look for yourself. Or was it on purpose? We don't know.
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Jaromerice Castle amazed us above all with its wonderful garden - probably the most beautiful of all the buildings we visited. It was a great dessert complete with permafrost (ice cream) in the afternoon. We entered the castle courtyard and the garden just before closing time. Perfectly cut shrubs and trees, stone benches, even lawns, tidy alleys ... The only thing missing was the prince or princess from a fairy tale staring at each other with loving eyes ... If it were not for the cafe in the garden and modern umbrellas with advertisements, we would think that it's time here stopped.
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We stayed two nights at this campground, mosquitoes did not bother us as much as on the previous one, despite the fact that the campsite is by the water. Decent price, although quite expensive showers. However, hot water was also in the washroom, so a Pole who carries a 20-liter canister with him and has an external infusion to the tank in the trailer, will cope with this "inconvenience". Wifi - paid and supposedly available on the campground was only close to the reception / cafe.
Day 3
We left the caravan at the campground to explore the area a bit. We started with the Hluboka nad Vitavou Castle - a beautiful town and a fairytale castle - we could admire it during the day (and on the way back at night). As it was a Saturday, so many tourists and also wedding couples taking photo sessions in this place. Interestingly, the castle can be viewed from the outside at any time of the day or night, because it is also ... a hotel. Consequently, the gate is always open.

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Cesky Krumlov is a town on the Vltava River, which was built around a 13th-century castle. A magnificent building, market square, viewing terraces, the Vltava River and narrow streets give this medieval town charm. The photos show it perfectly. Outside the Old Town, there are five large parking lots by the route, where you can stay an hour or a day. Of course, paid in vending machines. We saw a few "overnight" caravans and campers. From the parking lot, you enter the moat, and then a small bridge to the center of the town. Rather pedestrian traffic here, unless we meet a taxi, the police or an inhabitant of one of the tenement houses.
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We hitch a trailer and move on, heading west of southern Bohemia. We are sightseeing:
Pisek on the Otava River - a town with the oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic. It's quite hard to find him. Signposts led us to an empty parking lot, where we turned around and drove in the opposite direction. This is how we got to the bridge itself. Parking on the road was easy. Worse with the conversion, but of course we managed without detaching the trailer.
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Strakonice Castle - a gothic castle founded at the end of the 12th century by the Borów family from Strakonice. Unfortunately, we didn't know where to park there, so I stopped by the road at the emergency lights, and the rest of the team went to see the building at a fast pace.
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Zvikov Castle - A royal castle at the confluence of the Vltava and Otava rivers, founded in the 13th century, rebuilt in the Renaissance style. From the 17th century it was used for economic purposes, it was ruined at the beginning of the 19th century. From 1840, it was gradually reconstructed on the orders of the Schwarzenbergs. Beautiful access to the castle, through the forest, and then a short walk. It was worth going a bit off the route to see this building, as well as the view from the castle.
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In the afternoon we came to Prague for Camping Busek - the owner was very nice and kind to Poles - he made a big discount for our team, so we stayed there for three nights. There is an outdoor swimming pool next to the campground, and the campsite itself is very intimate. You can also rent rooms here.

In the evening, we could admire Prague wonderfully illuminated by thousands of lamps.

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On the market square - the final of the Football World Cup. And after the game, a great euphoria of joy for fans in the streets of the Czech capital.

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