Greece - day one

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We woke up before 9am local time. After opening the shutters, we were greeted by paradise: the sun, the sea and the view of the neighboring island, which resembles a volcano. After breakfast, we went for a walk around the area. There is one road along the island. The most popular means of transport is scooters, we also saw a stop, so you can also travel between places by bus. In Masouri, the coast is mostly rocky, but there are descents to sandy beaches.

There are hotels / studios, shops, mini markets, restaurants and pubs in the street. All this at the foot of the rocks for which a lot of climbers have come here. In the morning we went to the Grande Grotto. You go there for about 20 minutes, encountering goats and sheep on the way, the sound of bleating and bells carried under the rocks. You have to remember to close the gates separating the pasture from the street behind you when you go out or down. The shade in the rocks is around 2pm, then the pan is made, for me it was the perfect time to go to the beach. From the side of the street, there is a very atmospheric sign pointing to the stairs leading to the beach. It is not the most beautiful, or maybe just not prepared yet.

The season just started yesterday, but more on that later. There was no one on the beach but me, the rest were probably frying in the rocks. Only after an hour a woman with children appeared, then gradually people walking by. There is one small rock on the beach, covered with sand on flat parts, I chose it as my base. It was about 18'C, plus coastal wind and waves crashing against my rock. The water in the sea is still rather cool, after all, it's only April, but if you stand still for a while, you forget about the temperature. It is not as salty as in other countries, it does not rinse off after leaving the sea, it does not feel salt on itself when it dries up. After 6 p.m. Tomek reached me, but the wind got colder, so we gathered.

For dinner we decided to go to Stelios & Maria, they have a garden facing the street, but the view terrace facing the sea and the beautiful setting sun caught our eye. The decor is slightly kitschy, altars with shells decorated the terrace. Tomek decided on fresh fish with chips and a salad, I had spaghetti with delicious Greek Mythos beer, and before eating, we got fresh dark bread (baguette type) with two dips: garlic dips based on thick, creamy yogurt and black olives. Both very good. We were surprised because the day before, during a dinner in the port in Kos, the staff gave us a pale bread with butter, which they included in the bill (3euro). At Stelios & Maria it was much tastier, the staff (probably Stelios) suggested that if we wanted, they could bring us more.

After dinner, we got a dessert to the bill: fruit (apples, kiwi, bananas) served on Greek yoghurt (which is really delicious here, completely different than the Greek ones in Poland), and a small jar of honey (it is sold in supermarkets as a product local THYMIAN HONEY and costs 1.50 euro, there are also bigger jars). We paid 20 euros for dinner with tip. In the evening we sat with friends in front of the hotel / studio, drinking Mythos and wine.

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