Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska - a place for a weekend trip

Taking advantage of the sunny and warm as at the end of October Sunday, we decided to use the last rays of the autumn sun and take a small package to the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, or rather to its northern part, near Złoty Potok. Our plans include visiting the ruins of the castle in Ostrężnik, the ruins of the castle in Mirów, and at the end of the day making a fire and eating sausages.

At 12 o'clock the bus was already fully loaded and in the composition of Dominik, Bartek, Maciek, Alicja and Marek we headed towards the Jura. On the way we stopped in Biedronka for a little shopping, and immediately after that we went to our first point of the trip, i.e. to Ostrężnik for sightseeing castle ruins. The ruins are located on a small hill, which we climbed quickly and efficiently and started exploring, e.g. Maciej decided to visit the Ostrężnicka Cave there, where, as he later told and showed photos, he saw bats and numerous spiders, so it's good that I was not tempted by go in there. Alicja and Marek disappeared from our sight somewhere for a moment, and Bartek and I took pictures and admired the view from above, which presented a typical autumn landscape, where we did not look, the leaves formed a brown-gold carpet on the ground. Unfortunately, this "carpet" turned out to be very tricky, because it hid stones under it, on which it was easy to trip and fall. It was unfortunate that Maciej, jumping off the wall, unfortunately fell on such a stone, hidden under the leaves, which was additionally wet and twisted his ankle. It was not without dizziness and a momentary rest, but after a few moments Maciej returned to the living and the boys took their friend by the arm and together they dragged him down to the bus, where the ankle got relief in the form of ice, and for Maciek the sightseeing was over but he could get to know Tripi better, as he spent most of the day there, although he had nothing to complain about as he lay comfortably back on the couch. After treating the ankle, we went to another place to visit the ruins of the castle, this time in Mirów. We took some photos on the spot, we climbed the rocks, we drank warm tea until the sun started to slowly set.

So we decided to find a place between the rocks and there we decided to make an ognicho. We went downstairs to get Maciek and some food to climb up to our spot again, but our helpful colleagues took turns bringing our wounded and after a while we were all upstairs and we could light a fire. Bartek, the foreman, known for his survival preferences, lit a fire in no time, on which we quickly baked sausages. While eating and drinking a beer, we talked about our holiday adventures and various journeys, during which there was no end to laughter, but the later the hour came, the colder it got, which meant that, unfortunately, it was time to slowly go home. Going down we admired the starry sky, and Alicja showed us the constellations, which we tried to see what, for example, came with a big problem for me. When we were all seated in our time machine, we could safely move towards Katowice. On the way, we had some unpleasant moments, because from the very beginning something was knocking strangely in the bus, as if a ping-pong ball was bouncing off the bus. Initially, we thought that something was sticking to us, but with each subsequent kilometer, this something felt louder and louder, and finally it started to rumble ... it turned out that our placenta was dying. We got to Katowice somehow to drop Maciek, Ala and Marek and, hoping that the bus would not fall, we went to Chorzów to drop me off ...

Well, yes, I managed to get Dominika home, and I still had the route to Tychy, unfortunately after about 3km I was almost forced to call a tow truck because the bearing broke and the wheel blocked ... blocking the entrance to the gas station I had to push the bus a little further and as he took his hand away, the bus started to roll again. There was nothing else for me to do but a tow truck or rolling home at a snail's pace ... the lack of funds, however, made option 2 win, so I installed a warning triangle on the tailgate and I was traversing the last 30 km of the route at a dizzying speed of 15 km / h. It's good that the traffic at this time was already very small, so I did not obstruct the movement of other drivers :) On the second day I took everything apart and it turned out that someone who had previously fumbled with the bearings forgot to give enough grease for the inner bearing and was working all the time it was almost dry, until it faded ... Fortunately, it fell just outside the house, and not somewhere in the wilderness during our trip through Southeastern Europe ...

Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska - a place for a weekend trip – image 1
Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska - a place for a weekend trip – image 2
Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska - a place for a weekend trip – image 3
Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska - a place for a weekend trip – image 4
Tripciak Crew
Tripciak Crew

We are two students of Tourism and Recreation at AWF Katowice who want to visit the deepest corners of the world. Our teaser and passion for adventurous journeys, combined with Bartek's childhood dream from childhood, resulted in the purchase of an old school square - Tripciak :) The idea to buy a bus and tour the whole world was born when little Bartuś, who was only 5 years old, saw the cult fairy tale for the first time Scooby Doo and their crew in the crazy The Mystery Machine ... additionally infected with a travel note from an early age. From that moment, he started dreaming about his own bus, where he will be able to visit the whole world, getting to know foreign cultures, people, curiosities and secrets that the world hides;) Finally, after 16 years of dreams, he managed to buy a worn VW T3, which served almost 20 years as German ambulance - becoming the apple of his eye. After stormy deliberations, together with his chosen one, they named him Tripciak gloBus! We also invite you to our blog: http://tripciakglobus.blogspot.com/

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