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Busik Po Bezdrożach - part II – image 1
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Busik Po Bezdrożach - part II

Part one - click. Most of our forest path was driven by machines transporting wood from the forest after logging, so the idea of stuffing the bus onto the asphalt turned out to be not entirely as simple as we thought at first. The planned plan was to push the bus, and at the same time position it so that we could efficiently push it and land on the asphalt, and then using the sloping terrain to turn and roll down ... As the lack of assistance and AT / R tires required the use of a significant I got behind the wheel, and Daniel and Łukasz tried to push me out. The first thrust was effective, we drove about a meter, then we got into the rut and got stuck again, the wet clay effectively prevented proper constipation. We dug up the mogul, as the bus was initially directed in the right direction, I changed places with Dominika and we tried to push the three of us, but it did not help. In the meantime, when the guys were still having fun with digging up the mogul, I took care of our safety ... I put up a warning triangle on the side of the road, and I equipped the rest with reflective vests. Asia was supposed to spin around the triangle, so that the oncoming drivers slowed down a bit, the more that we were hardly visible from behind the bushes, and the Romanian drivers did not have a light leg. We managed to push the bus again and stop a meter in front of the ditch so as to have a chance to drive through it with momentum. To make it easier to realize, we laid the ditch with pieces of wood collected after cutting and stones, and in addition, we put a board on the top, which I threw into the car just before leaving the house in case we buried somewhere and you would have to put something up ... it's a pity that I had only one. It was time for the final push, but Tripciak refused to move. In the meantime, the truck passed us at high speed, not doing anything about the triangle and Asia standing by the road, and the Italian driving behind the truck ran over us with his Alpha, a warning triangle set on the side of the road, making a scandal behind the lowered window for our triangle. What a guy. Well, at least a nice older couple saw the whole thing and stopped and tried to help us get out of trouble. This time, the four of them managed to move the bus from its place, but when the wheel hit the board, it moved and we landed again in the ditch. Extra. Now the bus was impossible to move without the rope. However, I did not like the way we were supposed to get the Tripciak out. Pulling it straight was out of the question, as there would be some driver of a Romanian bomber who, despite trying to temporarily stop the traffic, tried to cut the stretched rope between the cars. Seeing our struggles, a small truck also stopped and a young team of boys jumped out. Our newly met grandpa, who helped us, explained what was going on in Romanian, so the guys did not wait and immediately started to act. They hooked up a steel rope and at an angle of 90 degrees on a full firecracker they dragged the Tripciak across the ditch, asking them to do it slowly. Pain for my eyes, but we managed to find ourselves on the asphalt, the fact that they pulled us in the wrong direction, despite explaining how to do it. A quick handshake and everyone went their own way and we stayed on the road. As it was downhill, I rolled a bit backwards to the bend, slightly turning, and Daniel and Łukasz waiting for the right moment, when no one was coming from any side, pushed me forward and I was positioned in the direction of travel. The only thing left to do was to roll down a few hundred meters and think what to do next ?! First, Daniel disassembled the bowl to see the damage level. The hole was huge, impossible to patch, plus there were two cracks from hitting the bowl. At the beginning there was an idea to find a piece of steel or a sheet of metal and stick it on silicone from the inside of the bowl, but this solution would probably only work for a moment, and we would lose the oil supply, which we had only 2.5l.

Busik Po Bezdrożach - part III – image 1
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Busik Po Bezdrożach - part III

Busik Po Bezdrożach - part III. We start our trip to the mountains with a walk around the stands to buy a map of Fogarasha. We manage to find one for 18RON, unfortunately, apart from the marked routes, there is nothing else, we were especially troubled by the lack of transition times, which were not even on the trail. Before leaving, I tried to find some information about the ascent of Moldoveanu. On one of the blogs I read that the trip back and forth takes about 3 days, google maps showed less than 4 hours, and rescuers at the shelter stated that it was about 10 hours of hiking, in one of the mountain magazines that Asia took with her they also wrote about a 3-day trip expedition, so we took this time. It's not a problem for us, we have tents and a rolling pin, you can go. However, we only had 2 days to reach the highest peak in Romania. The first ascent and the only signpost with the given time (1h) led to the pass above the shelter, the ascent was quite steep and rocky, sometimes very slippery, but as it was one of the attractions on the Transfogarska route, Sunday tourists climbing in white sneakers could not be missing there , bootki or flip-flops. I thought that such views are only with us. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the first hiking point. At the top, Dominika remembered that she had forgotten to take the tablets from the car without which she could not go any further. Well, it was late, not a long time, and a long way to go. I left my backpack and decided to go get it, because it will be faster this way. I treated myself to skyrunning training, I ran down the hill quite quickly, I took what I needed and I had to try again ... I turned the whole thing in 50 minutes. I felt my thighs and calves mercifully, what my heart loves, but Dominika's legs hated it: P Fortunately, as a reward at the top there was a chunk of bread with chocolate cream and a kiss. We threw the backpacks on our backs again and moved on. After a while all the tourists on Sunday disappeared and the trail became almost empty. We were surrounded by more and more beautiful views, but the trail was becoming more and more demanding, from steep, almost vertical descents to similar entrances, chains began to appear. There are no signposts, but only once in a while there is a trail marking that is faded from the sun or washed away by rain. Daniel wondered how Barry would manage in the mountains. However, Barry is not an ordinary mongrel, but rather a mountain goat mixed with a pooch. I have never seen (even in movies) that a dog could cope with the rocks so well, he would easily climb to Rysy, and Orla Perć would not be scary for him if he could enter the TPN; D.

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Tripciak goes to the Sudetes - the Crown of Polish Mountains

At the end of September, the academic year is approaching inexorably. After our trip this year, I was a little unsatisfied, so together with Dominika we decided to take a few days off at work and set off ... There were a lot of plans ... visit one of the European capitals or other more interesting places. We wandered for a few days, where to go here, what to do, so many things to do, but a little time ... This turned on the lamp above the head like in a cartoon. Hola, hola, we have the Crown of Polish Mountains to be finished. Without thinking much, we packed our trekking equipment into the bus and set off again with our beloved Tripciak in the Sudetes.

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Busik Po Bezdrożach - Balkans 2015 part I

Friday, August 21, strikes 9:00 am, I get up, there are several hundred kilometers ahead of us to cover the first day, so I gave myself some sleep. A quick coffee for scrambled eggs and the final preparations are coming, all in all, there is a lot of work ahead of me, and the time is running out. Unpacked, because I spent the whole week at work from morning to evening, alternating with preparing the bus for the trip. The traveling lifestyle and frequent trips, whether it's for a bicycle competition or a typical travel one, have taught me to pack quickly and minimalist, also 3 boxers, 3 T-shirts, 3 pairs of socks ... well, no exaggeration, this time we are going by bus. I'm going to go crazy, a few pairs of socks, a few t-shirts, a few pairs of panties, photographic equipment, trekking equipment, ready to go. Packed, I start cleaning the interior, which I did not manage to do the day before, in addition, I start packing all this stuff, in the form of food, water, tools, etc., inside Tripi. In the meantime, I am waiting for the arrival of the rest of the crew: Asia, Dominika and Łukasz, as Daniel is still at work, we pick him up on the way. This time we have a 5-person bus crew, a total of 6, including Barry, a travel dog (which he only became after the expedition), whom Daniel took from the shelter in May.

The Poor Journey - Norway / Poland part. 2/2 – image 1
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The Poor Journey - Norway / Poland part. 2/2

Time for the last part of the report from our trip this year. As we wrote in the penultimate part of the report The long route initiated a brainstorming to use the rest of the holiday and go somewhere for a few days. We chose the Bieszczady Mountains in order to reach one of the peaks of the Crown of Polish Mountains - Tarnica, the whole plan has evolved so much that we decided to conquer all the peaks of the KGP in the Carpathians. After a quick stop at home, unloading unnecessary lumber, and a quick wash, we went to the east of Poland. The trip was delayed by a few hours, so we arrived there only around 10 pm. Daniel showed us the last wild and free camping site on the map, who travels the world in his Land Rover, it was a great alternative to our strained budget. :) However, finding this place in total darkness was not easy, because the entrance is nicely camouflaged between the bushes, but a nearby border guard patrol directed us a bit. On the spot, we found a few people sitting by the fire - former scouts. Without waiting long, we decided to make new friends and join the fire and fry long-awaited sausages. Initially, we were supposed to stay there only one day and move on, but the good weather and the proximity of the river meant that we stayed for about three days. The next day, we spent the whole day by the river, cooling our asses in the water. In the evening we prepared a dinner which hurt us a bit and we both had a sleepless night due to aching stomachs. In the morning we were exhausted and we were afraid to eat anything because we immediately felt like vomiting: (Around noon I improved and I decided not to waste the day hiking along the Otryt mountain range. Quite an interesting line - you can find many scales and remains from World War I because there was a front line on Otrita. After a dozen or so minutes of climbing on the way I pass the famous sociologist's hut and go to Trohaniec (939m above sea level), which is the highest elevation of the range. There is no tourist trail leading to the N peak, so I break through the grass on a narrow path which in addition is wet ... The top itself and the rest of the range are forested, so there is no way to admire the views :( At the top we find a cross with an inscription devoted to soldiers from World War I, covered with shells of ammunition and missiles from the On the way back, I stop by the Sociologist's Hut, if only for a moment, to see what it looks like, and I spent over an hour there talking to the inn. arzem. This place charmed me and I will gladly come back there in autumn or winter :) Unfortunately, it started to get dark and I had to interrupt our conversation and return to Dominika, who was resting during my absence, looking for interesting places to visit in August NG Traveler.

The Poor Journey - Norway part 1/2 – image 1
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The Poor Journey - Norway part 1/2

We get up in the morning and realize that the long-awaited moment is coming! Departure to Norway. While we started "planning" the entire trip, fundraising, etc. about six months earlier, something always fell out, disturbed and effectively prevented one hundred percent from planning a trip from A to Z ... which made our trip a huge spontaneous trip :) Hmm, spontaneity? It's our style! Until the last minute, we did not even know the exact date of departure, we booked the ferry several hours before departure, the only thing we knew was the direction of travel. The session at the university, which started quite early for us, the instructor exams, late-night studies and bachelor's exams effectively prevented us from devoting ourselves to a blissful in-depth reading about the attractions and curiosities that Scandinavia hides before us. Our standard day, about a month and a half before departure, looked like this: breakfast -> university -> work -> study until 2:00 am, and Bartek still had to find a moment to bury at Tripciak so that he could safely and without any problems drive along the entire route and complete the new interior development.

Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska - a place for a weekend trip – image 1
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Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska - a place for a weekend trip

Taking advantage of the sunny and warm as at the end of October Sunday, we decided to use the last rays of the autumn sun and take a small package to the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, or rather to its northern part, near Złoty Potok. Our plans include visiting the ruins of the castle in Ostrężnik, the ruins of the castle in Mirów, and at the end of the day making a fire and eating sausages. At 12 o'clock the bus was already fully loaded and in the composition of Dominik, Bartek, Maciek, Alicja and Marek we headed towards the Jura. On the way we stopped in Biedronka for a little shopping, and immediately after that we went to our first point of the trip, i.e. to Ostrężnik for sightseeing castle ruins. The ruins are located on a small hill, which we climbed quickly and efficiently and started exploring, e.g. Maciej decided to visit the Ostrężnicka Cave there, where, as he later told and showed photos, he saw bats and numerous spiders, so it's good that I was not tempted by go in there. Alicja and Marek disappeared from our sight somewhere for a moment, and Bartek and I took pictures and admired the view from above, which presented a typical autumn landscape, where we did not look, the leaves formed a brown-gold carpet on the ground. Unfortunately, this "carpet" turned out to be very tricky, because it hid stones under it, on which it was easy to trip and fall. It was unfortunate that Maciej, jumping off the wall, unfortunately fell on such a stone, hidden under the leaves, which was additionally wet and twisted his ankle. It was not without dizziness and a momentary rest, but after a few moments Maciej returned to the living and the boys took their friend by the arm and together they dragged him down to the bus, where the ankle got relief in the form of ice, and for Maciek the sightseeing was over but he could get to know Tripi better, as he spent most of the day there, although he had nothing to complain about as he lay comfortably back on the couch. After treating the ankle, we went to another place to visit the ruins of the castle, this time in Mirów. We took some photos on the spot, we climbed the rocks, we drank warm tea until the sun started to slowly set.

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Where to get money for travel?

From time to time, we receive messages on our fanpage with questions about where do we get money for a bus and traveling? I am in a hurry with the answer. No, unfortunately we have not discovered the golden mean and money does not make itself; (The costs of maintaining the Tripciak (insurance, spare parts, equipment, tools) and constantly pampering it for further and further trips to distant regions cost us a lot, and yet you still have to save for fuel, food, entrance tickets, parking lots and toll roads (we try to avoid these, but it is not always possible).

Trip # 1 Southern Europe by Tripciak Crew – image 1
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Trip # 1 Southern Europe by Tripciak Crew

Introduction word: This is our first report and at the same time such a long journey, so we will start with a few words of the introduction in which we will tell who we are and where our teaser for exploring the world in the bus came from. We are students of the 3rd year of Tourism and Recreation at the University of Physical Education in Katowice. Our fascination, or rather Bartek who infected us with it, started already in his childhood when he saw the Scooby Doo cartoon and their "The Mystery Machine" on TV for the first time, then he began to dream of his own bus in which he could travel the world and experience various adventures like the Scooby Doo crew. After a dozen or so years, he woke up and took matters into his own hands, passed his driving license and started to get a part-time job, thanks to which he managed to save a little money for his dream van. Initially, it was supposed to be a VW T1 or T2, unfortunately, after researching the market and counting the costs of buying a car and parts needed for it, the enthusiasm decreased significantly ... but finding the forum by accident, where he saw the T3 bus immediately caught his eye. Bartek has always liked square cars, he had many golfers and II fans of which he was a fan, so it didn't take him much time to fall in love with a classic square ... he literally just took one photo and a few seconds. The first step to making dreams come true was a long search for the desired house on wheels, half a year of searching, hundreds of advertisements, dozens of phone calls and the t3 bus forum came to help again. We managed to buy a bus literally under the nose, it turned out that only 200m from the place where Bartosz's girlfriend lived, there was a card that met all his requirements, so at the very beginning of February a bus appeared in the yard;) The plans for renovation of the bus and planning the next vacation. The choice fell on a tour of southern Europe because none of us had ever been to Croatia. However, after a dozen or so weeks, traveling a bit around Poland, it turned out that the 1.6TD unit does not cope well with long climbs, and that we love active recreation, especially in the mountains, it turned out to be a change of the busik's heart to a stronger one ... and again the long search for a suitable donor for Tripciak (this is how our T-3 was named). After a long moment of reflection and consultation with Qdaty and Robert, who already had the 1.9TDI swap behind them, we decided that it would be better to buy the whole car, take out what is needed and sell the rest than to complete all parts separately. After 3 months of searching forums and internet auctions, seeing a dozen cars that turned out to be scrap metal, Bartek, returning from university, accidentally noticed a golf 3 standing in the back of the estate with a note for sale. Unfortunately, its visual condition asked for vengeance to heaven, and the car looked as if it was begging for scrapping ... a thought immediately comes to mind - if the car is so run down and eaten by rust, it will be a mechanical disaster, in addition, this exaggerated price ... but what's the problem for me to call and arrange a visual inspection, in the end I have already had so much search, and here the car is under my nose. In a few days it was time to inspect it and, surprisingly, it turned out that the poor condition of the bodywork resulted from the fact that the car was in a warm, damp garage in the winter for half a year in a warm, damp garage where salt could easily penetrate the sheet metal because the owner often left on a business trip for several months and did not even have time to rinse the car. from salt ... but its mechanical condition turned out to be very good, the engine had no leaks, the turbo did not smoke, the car was dynamic after zvagowania did not vomit errors ... it was what we were looking for ... it was time for negotiations in which we had to make the owner aware that no one will give him that much, luckily for us, after the negotiations, we managed to cut a lot from the price and this is how Tripciak gained a dose of heart. Busik landed with Qdate and Robert, who did a good and solid job, so on the day after the swap, we could go on a journey, crushed by the leaves from work.