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Our trip around Slovenia, this small, very charming country, lasted only 8 days, but we also saw a lot during that time. We were there in August 2010.


Bled is beautiful with a castle on a hill and a church on the island, all surrounded by a lake with fabulous colors. We also did a hike to the Vintgar Gorge.

There are two campsites here: Camping Bled Kidričeva 10c SI - 4260 Bled - conveniently located by the lake, close to the town and Camping Šobec Šobčeva 25, 4248 Lesce located near Bled, but with attractions such as a river, an artificial lake and a lot of space in the field, in nearby forests, meadows, fields, fishing spots, even on the campsite itself. Definitely our favorite, because they are priced similarly. Perfect for families with children and fans of fly fishing, because you don't even have to leave the campsite.

Bohinjsko Jezero

In the Triglav National Park, we crossed this beautiful lake in a kayak rented at the campsite, the Savica waterfall and a gondola trip to the Vogel ski resort are worth the effort, because it is a longer walk to the waterfalls.

Driving along the lake towards the Savica waterfall, on the right side there is the Ukanc 24265 Bohinjsko Jezero campsite, quite cheap with warm water, but the location is not as good because the campsite is relatively small and the surroundings are stunning, so all the best spots are long gone. busy. A great base for multi-day trips to the mountains.

We walked with pleasure and went to look for a place to stay in Piran and Koper, and there are campsites, but there is no place at all, because we know that Slovenia has a modest coastline - so we decided to cross to Croatia.

Lanterna campsite (Croatia) 13 km from Porec, a huge campsite with attractions, perfect for rest, children, dogs, barbecues, everything has its place here, even night movies, we caught "Up".

Porec (Croatia)

A short trip, a few years earlier we were on a trip to Croatia, then we went all the way down to Dubrovnik, so this trip was intended to refresh our memory of this town.


We absolutely recommend it for lovers of narrow streets and red roof tiles. One of the most beautiful, atmospheric towns that must be visited. Since we often travel off-season, we had the chance to visit this wonderful place in peace.


We were a bit disappointed after Piran. Just an ordinary big port city.


A picturesque town on the river, there is a castle, camping Camping Terme Ptuj Pot v Toplice 9 2251 Ptuj   located next to the Aquapark and a nice old town with pubs, intimate and nice. We spent the night in a large square near the bridge, it was too late to check in at the campsite, we weren't the only ones. We love visiting the same places during the day and at night because we see completely different details.


Big nice city.

Vienna (Austria)

The way back home, we spent the night in the very center of Vienna, and in the morning we got a fine for not paying for parking, but wandering around the royal gardens at night was priceless. And Vienna itself is Vienna, divine.

Traveling in Slovenia is pleasant, information points have a huge number of advertising brochures for anglers, kayakers, fans of mountain trips and camping.

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VWT3 Silesia
VWT3 Silesia

We are a group of Volkswagen Transporter T3 car enthusiasts, representing VW T3 UPPER SILESIA CLUB. We organize rallies and meetings of fans of this model to share the experience gained during domestic and foreign trips as well as solutions to technical problems and modifications to their cars.

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