Camping in Greece

Are you wondering whether to go on vacation to Greece? Learn two words to make the inhabitants smile. Kalimera (good morning) and sas efharisto (thank you very much) will open many doors - and hearts. We recommend camping in Greece to anyone who loves the sun, the beach and the warm sea. We also encourage enthusiasts of ancient history to leave. The oldest center of European culture will steal the heart of many of you!

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Let us help you to plan your vacation in Greece. See which family campsite you can choose to not only enjoy an attractive price and comfortable conditions, but to be close to the main attractions of this country or be accommodated a stone's throw from the beach!

Sunbathed Greece

Greece attracts tons of fans of passive leisure each year – a deckchair, blanket, good book and a drink, that’s all they need. And this country has a really rich offer in this respect – there’s no lack of beaches, some of which truly resemble a paradise on earth. Check whether the Greek campsite you want to choose is located close to beaches, where you can relax and enjoy time together with your family?

In search of the Greek gods

Greece has a very interesting history, which encompasses the ancient times. Check the main attractions, places from which the Gods ruled the country or where Aristotle's life masterpieces were created. Many of campsites in Greece that are listed in our offer are located near the cities, where you will discover the history, art and culture of the ancient parts of the country.

For adults and children

When planning holidays at the camping for the family please remember that Greece offers attractions for both young and older people. See, in which regions you will dance until dawn, and where you will be able to relax away from the city’s bustle.

Not every country can boast so many advantages that it is difficult to list them all. Greece tempts with Mediterranean landscapes, extremely varied cuisine, beautiful weather and warm sea. Families with children, groups of friends, couples in love and seniors go there on vacation. A camping in Greece is a guarantee of a successful holiday, a tan, and recharging the batteries by contact with kind people. If you want to switch off for a moment, take advantage of the siesta, hide in the winding streets of small seaside towns, coming here is a bull's eye!

Greece beach vacation

When thinking about vacationing by the warm sea, many people refer to Greece. It is a beautiful country open to tourists. In the high season, not only popular resorts are bursting at the seams. Fortunately, those who prefer quieter places will find a lot of them even in the middle of summer. Likewise, those interested in ancient Greece. The Acropolis, Mycenae, Meteora, the palace of Knossos or the medieval city of Rhodes are just a fraction of what awaits lovers of ancient history. If you go camping by the sea in Greece, you can easily find a place that offers a comfortable stay and access to a beautiful beach. A significant part of these complexes is located in close proximity to valuable monuments from antiquity or later.

Situated on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula, this country attracts a magnet both to the seashore and to remote parts of the land. But that's not all that Greece offers to tourists. The islands scattered around the Mediterranean Sea are very popular among people from all over the world. The aforementioned Rhodes, Crete, Zakynthos, Corfu and Santorini are flooded every year by crowds of vacationers from different countries. You can choose to camp in Lefkada and eat nectarines throughout your stay, or choose another island.

Greece by motorhome

A holiday in this part of Europe is a great opportunity to discover the region by renting a car. Moreover, there is nothing to prevent you from going to Greece in your own motorhome. However, it is worth being aware that it is a very mountainous country. Driving on its roads in a vehicle of larger dimensions is sometimes difficult, especially as it is not made easier by the Greeks themselves. When going camping on a Greek island or somewhere on land, you need to keep your eyes open. Residents drive dangerously, and they park wherever they go. It does not matter to them whether it is a narrow street, a crossroads or a roundabout.

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