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Off the west coast of Greece is an archipelago called the Ionian Islands. Holidays in this region are the dream of thousands of tourists. Find out what attracts them so much - apart from the beautiful weather, warm sea, lush vegetation and Greek cuisine. Heptanesos, does this exotic name mean something to you? This is another term for the Ionian Islands, a huge tourist attraction of Greece. Undoubtedly, the archipelago has something to tempt holidaymakers. The monastery in Meteora, the temple of Apollo in Delphi or the beaches of Zakynthos are just a fraction of what awaits you on vacation. Go camping in this part of the country and you won't regret it!

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Holidays in the Ionian Islands

The archipelago consists of seven main and about 40 (!) smaller islands. What does it mean? If you love intensive sightseeing, you will be delighted. A holiday in the Ionian Islands is an ideal idea for people who like to explore, taste new dishes, etc. You can be somewhere else every day and still not see everything.

Ionian Islands - where to camp?

Explore Kefalonia, Lefkada, Corfu and Zakynthos. Go to Paxos, Ithaca or Kythira. You have at your disposal beaches washed by azure water, places overgrown with pines, cypresses and olives. And this wonderful, varied cuisine!

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