Crete campsites

One of the oldest cradles of our civilization, Crete, is full of monuments and natural wonders. You will remember your holidays on this Greek island for the rest of your life!

On the one hand, the treasures of the past, such as Knossos or Heraklion. On the other hand, beaches with the Blue Flag status or the longest gorge in Europe, Samaria. If you love Greek myths, go on a holiday in Crete! And if the legends about Zeus and the rest of the Olympian gods have never been close to you... go for it too!

Campsites found


Camping in Crete - which one to choose?

Cretan campsites are located in every part of the island. You can stay in the north to be close to Heraklion, for example, or in the south - and enjoy the warm wind from Africa.

The facilities have everything you need on vacation. Campsites in Crete attract tourists with their location, amenities (swimming pools, etc.) and climate. You will relax in the shade of trees, swim or lie on the beach.

Holidays in Crete

We recommend a holiday in Crete to everyone. It's a bull's-eye for families with children who are looking forward to family friendly campsites. It's a great idea for couples who want to spend time together in a wonderful place. Seniors will also be happy to go to the island, because they will find a lot of secluded corners.

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