Peloponnese region - campsites

Would you like to spend your holidays in the south of Greece? The Peloponnese region will guarantee you a successful holiday. Here you will find e.g. medieval castles, beaches and water channels. There are also monasteries and fascinating archaeological sites. We encourage you to come!

The Greek Peloponnese is the southernmost area of the country. It is also distinguished by an extremely varied terrain. If you want to sunbathe, you will find plenty of interesting corners. If you prefer to visit old ruins, you will definitely enjoy your stay.

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Camping in southern Greece

Are you planning a camping holiday in the Peloponnese? Bring local products from it. You will easily find objects by olive groves or vineyards. Buy Greek honey, olive oil from the nearby market or at least olive soap. In addition, we recommend regional wines, herbs and spices as well as handmade jewelry

Peloponnese region – what to see?

Who does not associate Sparta or Corinth? In addition, resorts such as Tripolis, Kalamata, Patras and Nafplion are located in the Peloponnese. While exploring the peninsula, take the time to explore the sights of ancient Olympia or the Byzantine city of Mystras. Messenia and Pylos are also noteworthy - especially the wonderful beaches and lagoons.

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