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It often happens that in one country you will encounter different cultures, monuments or mentalities. It's like you've crossed a border and landed in another country. This will be the case when you visit the Basque Country, one of the most interesting regions of Spain.

If you have already been to the Iberian Peninsula, you know why so many tourists come back here regularly for their holidays. By motorhome, coach or plane - no matter how you get to your destination. You will love the climate, sun and friendly inhabitants. We encourage you to take a trip to the Bay of Biscay!

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Holidays in the Basque Country

The northern part of Spain, where this region extends, is an area with a diverse landscape. You will see pastures, beaches, mountains and cliffs, forests and green hills. A holiday in the Basque Country is a guarantee of relaxation, as well as close contact with the culture of a community that cares about its heritage.

Visit the capital, picturesque Vitoria. Get to know the attractions of San Sebastian, apart from that, plan your time to visit Bilbao.

By motorhome to the Basque Country

We encourage you to take a motorhome trip to this exotic region. You will immerse yourself in the history of the peninsula, discover new, fantastic places. You will experience great cuisine and spend your dream vacation right here in the Basque Country.

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