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Valencia is one of the most touristic regions of Spain. Long sandy beaches, crystalline water and hot climate attract crowds of people craving for sun and sea waves. Not without significance for the popularity of Valencia is its historical and cultural heritage and valuable nature, with evergreen Mediterranean forests. When deciding to go to Spain, it is worth planning an overnight stay in Valencia – we will find here everything we need for a successful holiday.

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Attractions of Valencia

The largest and most visited city by tourists in the region is Valencia itself. Its history goes back to very distant times, around the 2nd century BC, when it was a Roman colony. Thanks to its long history, Valencia can boast a large list of valuable monuments, which include, among others, a gothic cathedral from the 13th century, numerous basilicas and churches, the monastery of San Miguel de Escalada founded in the 10th century (one of the few preserved buildings in the Mozarabic style), the building of the Lonja de la Seda – Silk Exchange from the 15th century, the 14th century Torres de Serranos twin towers constituting a part of the medieval wall defense, numerous baroque and neoclassical palaces and many, many more. On hot days, you can hide from the sun in the city gardens: Turia, Jardí de Montfort or Jardines del Real, or cool off in the sea on one of the beaches of Valencia, such as Playa de la Malvarossa or Las Arenas. For an evening walk, it is worth going to the seaside promenade or to the Port Saplaya district in the village of Alboraya, called the little Venice. Valencia's year-round attractions include the aquarium, zoo and museums.

Valencia – a region conducive to camping

Valencia is the perfect region for camping by the sea in Spain almost all year round. The climate is warm and the evergreen Mediterranean forests create paradise landscapes. In addition to the capital of the region, it is worth stopping in the vicinity of Alicante, whose showpiece is the Saint Barbara Castle towering over the city, or Castelló de la Plana, known for its beautiful Playa del Pinar beach with numerous attractions and accompanying fragrant pine forest. 

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