47 of the best gifts for a camping fan

47 of the best gifts for a camping fan – main image

Are you looking for a gift for a travel lover? We advise what will be useful for every caravanner at the campsite and on the road. You will also find gift ideas for children . There are also ideas for capturing travel memories, and we have divided all gifts into several categories. Almost 50 ideas in total! Remember, however, that it is always worth listening to your loved ones. Maybe even ask what they dream about.

Gifts for a camper or caravan


At the beginning, I present gifts that certainly no one will want to give away or exchange. Even if someone already has a wiper for a motorhome or caravan, they will be happy to replace it with a new one when it wears out. Awning hooks were our InstaStories Instagram hit this year. You sent information about them with each other so that you could still buy them before the holidays. This time you can do it well in advance. A good outdoor floor is an important element of equipment for a motorhome or caravan . Such a floor is replaced every few years anyway, so even the most expensive gift from this set will surely be a hit. If you just want to infect a traveler with love for caravanning, you should think about a voucher for renting a motorhome or caravan .

  1. Doormat with a motorhome
  2. Trailer wiper
  3. Outdoor floor for camping
  4. Click LED lamp
  5. Awning hooks
  6. Aeropress
  7. Voucher for renting a motorhome

Helpers at the campground - hit gifts for the traveler


Cylinders from Gas-Bank were on the top of our list. They are perfect especially in winter, when much more gas is used to heat the motorhome. Even in summer, more is used at a campground in the mountains. You can read everything about cylinders here: “ Gas in the motorhome. Gas cylinder exchange in other countries ”. We have been using the Dometic portable compressor cooler for over 6 years. We take it with us to the camping as an additional refrigerator for the camper's garage. When we rent a motorboat on vacation, we take it on board from the garage, because the refrigerator is also suitable for swimming. If you like very practical and cheap gifts, toilet chemicals are your bull's eye. We use this black version of Dometic Power Tabs. Chemistry in cubes is much more practical than liquid chemistry, but there are also ecological versions to which I attach a link.

This year, we will be testing photovoltaic panels and a portable battery at the campsite and beyond. We often lack such additional amenities at stops without access to electricity. You can connect a blender to the battery and charge the battery, e.g. on a laptop.

Multitool is already a classic among gift ideas, but every traveler will surely enjoy this gift.

  1. GasBank gas cylinders
  2. Toilet chemicals
  3. Dometic CFX3 cooler
  4. Portable solar panels
  5. Multitool
  6. Portable battery

Clothes for a traveler - a gift for years


Most caravanning enthusiasts love to travel all year round, regardless of the weather. You can make it easier for them by buying warm and beautiful clothes sewn in Poland as a gift. Pajak down jackets, sewn in our hometown, are used by the whole family. This new color of the Phantom jacket is gorgeous! Piumo sweaters are also sewn in Bielsko-Biała. I have been using their woolen hats and scarves for a long time. I will tell you that I enter this sweater on my letter to St. Santa Claus right after the Gumbies slippers. All year I was looking for such campervan boots, in which I will jump to the bathroom at the campsite in winter. In the end I found, but will I also find them for the Christmas tree

I also added a very practical tank top, which is also a life vest! It has a displacement of 50N, which is as much as standard vests.

  1. Campervan and camping slippers
  2. "Passerby" cap
  3. Smartphone gloves
  4. PAJAK down jacket
  5. Socks "Obieżyświat"
  6. Wool sweater for caravanning
  7. Life jacket

Christmas gifts for children


Our kids love Lego and Playmobil toys the most, as well as books and puzzles. I have selected the most interesting offers for campers and campers enthusiasts. All kinds of travelers have been attracting my special attention lately. In such notebooks, children can write down their memories and solve puzzles about the places they visit. They can write down interesting experiences at the campground. You can also make such a traveler yourself. P rezent for a DIY traveler - on Dosi's blog, at this link you will find a lot of inspiration to make such a traveler for children. Dosia has been preparing them for every family trip for several years.

The little ones may like our original book " Camping like from a fairy tale ". We no longer sell it directly, but it is still available from major online bookstores. The list also includes a tank top, which I wrote about above. This insulated "Bodywarmer" from Jobe is also a life jacket!

  1. Lego campers
  2. Globe
  3. Binoculars
  4. Maps book
  5. World Map Puzzle
  6. Playmobil motorhome
  7. Traveler Memoirs
  8. A life vest for children
  9. Book "Fairytale Camping"

Books - a gift for every caravanner


Best time between trips? It is definitely planning your next trip . It is best to get inspired by the journeys of others. This year, we were totally engrossed in the books by Bus through the World from the series of trips around the USA. We want to travel around the USA in a motorhome in 2021. If you are planning your first motorhome trip in Europe, you will surely need our original " Guide " and ready-made " Camper Routes ". E-books with ready routes are liked by novice caravanners, they are also a large dose of inspiration and knowledge for all travelers who have been driving motorhomes for a long time. If you want to see what our e-books look like inside, subscribe to the newsletter. After signing up, you will receive an e-book by e-mail: "Camperem do Legoland".

The book Bucket list also caught my eye. 1000 ideas for the adventures of a lifetime ”. I really like looking for new travel ideas . "Nomads" is this year's offer from the Znak publishing house. I really wanted to read this book due to the fact that one of the characters in the book comes from my hometown.

  1. Across the world by bus
  2. How to get the poles of the earth… in a year
  3. Ready CampRestowe e-books
  4. Bucket list. 1000 ideas for the adventures of a lifetime
  5. Nomads
  6. Guide - Your first motorhome trip e-book

Camping containers - a universal gift


If the traveler you want to gift loves to prepare meals to go , he will love the Esbit containers. We have been using them since 2015 and they are with us on every trip, big or small. In autumn and winter, we pack warm soups there, and in summer we keep cool fruits and vegetables. We also take drinks with us everywhere, and this year I decided to limit the use of plastic water bottles a lot. The taste of this glass water is a completely different story! When buying a glass water bottle, make sure that the inside of the cap is not plastic.

It is best to buy melamine dishes with a "Anti Slip" rubber protection on the bottom. Thanks to this rubber, the plates and bowls do not move while eating, which gives the impression that they are as heavy as ordinary ceramic dishes. We have been using Brunner's melamine cookware for over 6 years and I believe they are among the best on the market. They are very durable - they do not break when dropped.

  1. Esbit food container
  2. Glass water bottle
  3. Contigo mug
  4. Bottle protectors
  5. Glass organizer
  6. Melamine tableware for camping

Travel memories - gifts with fondness


Travel photos always evoke nice memories and a lot of smiles. If the person you want to gift likes to develop vacation photos, magnetic albums are the best album. In addition to photos from, for example, the campsite, souvenirs such as postcards, tickets to museums or public transport can also be placed there. This album is a great addition to a portable printer where you can print photos straight from your phone. In this way, even on Christmas Eve, you can complete the first pages of the album from the last holidays at the campground .

If you have access to photos of the traveler you want to gift, it's a great idea to prepare such a photo book in advance. If you don't have time to print a photo book, develop one or two nice photos and bindings.

For poster lovers, it's nice to choose an extraordinary retro poster or a practical large map. You can plan your next camping trips there.

  1. Magnetic foil album
  2. Photobook - memories from the campground
  3. "Swiss Alps" poster
  4. Road map of Europe to hang on the wall
  5. Photo frame
  6. Phone photo printer

Each link will take you to the store where you can buy Christmas gifts . There you will find even more gift inspiration. If you have your ideas for gifts for the traveler, write in the comments. Every next camping trip will be easier with this gift box!

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