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The segment of semi- integrated motorhomes is an important market for the Adria brand - both in terms of quantity and value. This is evidenced by the wide range of models and systems. The Slovenian manufacturer flawlessly recognizes the needs of the market and users. In each new model, we find changes and innovations that keep pace with the times.

New design and colors


The Supreme 670 SL deserves special attention in the Matrix series. We had the opportunity to test a car with the same designation in 2018. Since then, however, the model has undergone many changes. Although the revolution is not visible from the front (the base is the proven Fiat Ducato ), the rear looks beautiful with modern LED lights, whose modern design at first glance refers to the latest trailers from the cult Astella series. The color scheme (so-called silver alu metallic) also stands out from most motorhomes. The vehicle is 290 cm high, 7485 mm long and has a total width of 2.3 m.

The proven layout for the Adria Matrix 670SL families in terms of interior design is a certain configuration. In the cockpit, we are welcomed by comfortable, swivel airline seats for the driver and passenger, equipped with armrests. The large rectangular table in the lounge is surrounded by L-shaped seats. Next to it, there is a wide seat with an optional additional passenger seat (Adria can be equipped with 4-5 homologated seats). Above all, there is a rectangular bed measuring 125x200 cm, of course electrically lowered. Access to the building is possible through a wide door with an integrated glass and a litter bin. On the left from the entrance you will find a place for a TV, a shelf for small items (e.g. charged smartphones) and buttons controlling the electric level and lighting. On the left, we are greeted by a spacious kitchen . Standard equipment is a sink and a 3-burner stove with lids, as well as the hood.

In the list of options next to the coffee machine, we can even find an oven with a grill. The capacity of the refrigerator is 142 liters. The proven bathroom, which can be fenced off at the front and rear, stretches across the entire width of the vehicle and includes a spacious shower cubicle , wash basin and a rotating, passive ventilated toilet . The rear bed that can be connected is a real treat for couples and families with children. The backrests of the beds can be adjusted to a comfortable position, e.g. for reading. Under the bed you will find spacious lockers for luggage on both sides, and above it there are lockers with shelves.

Practical extras and self-sufficiency


The manufacturer takes care of a high level of equipment in the Supreme model. An electrovalve for gray water discharge or an external shower is not an obvious element in most new motorhomes. There are also USB sockets for charging mobile devices . On board you will find a clean water tank with a capacity of 120 liters and gray water with a capacity of 85 liters. A standard 100 Ah on-board battery can work with the optional 140W solar panel system and during the holiday season it will certainly make us largely independent of external power sources.

Matrix 670SL is a motorhome adapted to all-year-round use. In terms of heating, we have a choice of either the TRUMA 4 or 6 solution or the typical winter ALDE Compact 3020 with an additional electric heater. The latter solution has a significant impact on the weight of the vehicle.

Pack smart or ... order with more DMC!


Taking into account the quality of the bodywork and the level of equipment, the high curb weight of the vehicle is not surprising. In reality, we have to take a ceiling of 3,100 kg as a starting value. Taking into account the passengers and the possible installation of an awning, roof air conditioning or a bicycle rack, as well as the necessary luggage and provisions, in practice, this model with a reserve of 390-450 kg must inevitably exceed 3.5 tons.

Fortunately, next to the model on the Fiat Light chassis , there is also a version with a Heavy frame, which allows for approval of a vehicle with a GVM of 4 to even 4,300 kg. And then we can sleep (and drive) soundly. If we already have sufficient reserves, we will also use the possibilities of a spacious garage to a greater extent, to which we gain access from two sides through a spacious door with dimensions of 85x120 cm.

Presentation film of Adria Matrix Supreme

See our presentation of this model, which we recorded at the Elcamp headquarters in Krakow.

Ducato with new options

The basic power unit has a power of 140 HP. Recently, there has been an option to order packages of newly developed driver assistance systems (Collision Avoidance , Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition and High Beam Assist) and a new, premium and fully automatic transmission .

The article was written in cooperation with the distributor of the Adria brand - the Elcamp company from Krakow.

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