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Averso is probably the most important model in the offer for the German brand Buerstner. By definition, it is a trailer that provides good quality at a good price, and therefore one that can meet the expectations of as many customers as possible. And if so, don't expect any fireworks from it.

Buerstner offers four models of caravans. The most "economical" model is the Premio, available in Germany from 13,500 euros. But the Averso model should be considered a typical Buerstner standard and we will deal with it today. The higher models represent extended concepts of the Averso model, as evidenced by their names - Averso Top and Averso Plus.

Light standard

Averso is dedicated to ordinary bread eaters who are looking for a comfortable and inexpensive trailer. Such customers do not expect luxury, but at the same time do not want to sacrifice decent comfort. Such assumptions mean that the manufacturer cannot use solutions that would increase costs, unless it concerns the most important issues for customers.

Averso , like other Buerstner trailers, has an Al-Ko chassis with shock absorbers and a stabilizer. The manufacturer especially recommends Averso to owners of small cars, because those weighing from 1000 to 1300 kg do not require large and strong vehicles to be towed comfortably.

Buerstner has recently refreshed the interior of the Averso caravan and updated the available variants. Currently, customers can choose from as many as 13 interior layouts, 12 lengths , 2 colors of furniture fronts and several dozen variants of upholstery (including two options with leather).

The smallest and cheapest Averso caravan is 395 TS for 15,910 euro . Its dimensions are 639x230 cm . The trailer weighs 1060 kg and provides a load capacity of 300 kg. At the other extreme, we find the 545 TS version with a length of 808 cm . The factory weight of this trailer is 1340 kg, but the permissible total weight may differ - 1600, 1700, 1800 or 1900 kg. This translates into a payload: 260, 360, 460 or 560 kg.

Each interior is different

It is worth noting that the differences between the various interior variants are significant in the case of Averso . The systems differ, for example, in solutions used in bathrooms. Some have a large round shower tray built in, giving the impression of almost a separate cabin, on the sides of which there is a washbasin and a toilet. But there are also versions with rectangular shower trays (in two sizes), and the wash basin and the toilet can be arranged differently.

The kitchen in some caravans is located at the end of the caravan, in others on the side wall. The beds are also positioned differently, depending on the variant.

All sleeping places have foam mattresses . This also applies to bunk beds used in caravans with six beds. In most versions, however, we find four places to sleep.

The details have been taken care of

After the modernization, the interior looks more modern - the furniture has been simplified, flat surfaces without a multitude of patterns dominate them. Details were taken care of, such as the sink cover in the color of the furniture fronts , or the most characteristic element of the new Averso, the designer ceiling lamp with an irregular shape (visible in one of the photos).

An interesting solution are the cooker knobs , which are not located in the area of the burners, but on the front wall of the kitchen cupboard, below the worktop. The stove itself is relatively large, and the protection in the form of a glass lid is also its decoration.

Buerstner Averso

The standard equipment of the Averso includes a 104-liter refrigerator mounted under the kitchen counter (a 160-liter refrigerator is available at an additional cost), a 40-liter fresh water tank and Truma S3004 heating with a boiler.

A winter package is available at an additional cost, which includes, among others insulated and heated sewage system and underfloor heating.

To sum up, what draws attention in Averso is not the uniqueness of the solutions used, but above all the wealth of variants. Each customer can personalize their caravan by choosing a model of the selected length, the best interior layout for them and choosing one of the huge range of available upholstery.

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