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Elegance is currently the flagship model of the Burstner brand. This means that instead of the lowest price, in this case we should rather expect the highest quality. It is not a vehicle for those looking for compromises.

From the outside, the Elegance model is difficult to distinguish from the Viseo , and especially the Aviano - other integrated motorhomes by Burstner. The intriguing front is nothing like the Fiat Ducato, on which each of these models is based. Elegance looks modern, a bit aggressive, but without exaggeration - its design is quite neutral, so it has a chance to appeal to people with very different tastes.

Modern and practical

Let's start by looking at what is inaccessible to the eyes. The motorhome is suspended on a low AL-KO frame. The walls were filled with XPS boards - a material resistant to both mechanical damage and moisture. The rear wall and the roof are made of GRP material, which effectively protects against hail. The window joinery is made of aluminum .

Elegance is available in four versions , the shortest of which is 699 cm long , the two medium ones - 756 cm , and the longest - 861 cm . The width of each variant is 235 cm . The height of the interior is 205 cm, so even people measuring 2 meters do not have to bend down inside.

If we look at the interior layouts, we find that the length of the vehicle does not have much of an effect on the equipment. The shortest model will certainly be tighter than the longest, but each one has four full-size sleeping places (197 cm long) with five-zone foam mattresses, illuminated wardrobes and an L-shaped kitchen.


The shower cubicle is apparently located in a separate room from the toilet, but by closing the sliding door, we can create a common, quite spacious, toilet and bath room , fenced off both from the beds in the rear part of the vehicle, as well as from the kitchen and lounge area in the front.

Premium class interior

But dry data will not tell about Elegance what distinguishes it, and as the name suggests, it is an elegant interior. For example, dark wood can be intertwined with white furniture fronts, window frames are covered with translucent, illuminated panes, and quilted sofas and armchairs bring a touch of luxury to the motorhome.

If we add refined LED lighting elements, lots of aluminum-colored details , floor panels imitating a wooden floor and high quality of workmanship, it would not be an exaggeration to say that in this motorhome you can feel like in a five-star hotel.

There are even subtle patterns on the underside of the bed suspended from the ceiling in the front , and the on-board clocks with silver trimmings and white dials allow you to combine timeless elegance with modernity.

Everything you can expect

In Germany, prices for the Elegance start at 80,990 euros . This is how much we will pay for the shortest i695 model with basic equipment and a 2.3 Mjet engine with 130 HP. The cheapest model has a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tonnes, but customers can choose from a total of five chassis + engine duos, three of which are truck versions.

What "home" amenities can we count on in the cheapest version of the motorhome? The standard equipment includes a gas stove, a 145-liter refrigerator (including a 15-liter freezer), a heated 120-liter waste water tank , an efficient water pump and a 140-liter water tank. The shower also has an external connection, so you can use it outdoors. The Truma Combi 6 system was used for heating.

At the other end of the price range is the i840 G (5 tonnes GVW) with the 3-liter 177 HP Mjet engine. Without additional equipment, it costs 101.5 thousand. euro .

Does Burstner Elegance surprise with anything? Actually no - it just has everything you'd expect from a modern motorhome. But the lack of quirks is not a downside in this case. You can say that Elegance is a sure thing - you can take it blind and be almost sure that it will meet the expectations of most customers.

The entire offer of the Burstner brand can be found at the distributor in Poland - Caravans-Mika from Katowice - www.campingi.net.pl

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