Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD invites you to the first floor

Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD

If you thought that the motorhome market was resting on its laurels and that you saw everything, fasten your seat belts. The German Bürstner presents something new for the upcoming season that has not yet been seen in large-series semi-integrated vehicles - a pneumatic sleeper roof and an extremely original interior layout. It will take over many elements from the concept vehicle that the brand presented a year ago. The cars are to roll off the assembly line already this autumn, and the Gallery model will be available in 2 variants measuring less than 7 meters. The "upper floor", as the manufacturer himself defines the superstructure, is unfolded at the push of a button - the inflatable alcove structure is ready in less than 90 seconds. Likewise, when we want to continue our journey - the roof disappears in the blink of an eye.

Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD - innovations

The inflatable roof in this model is an absolute innovation that has not been used in any other motorhome so far.

The main advantages of the design:

  • after unfolding the alcove, we gain a place to work, sleep or relax (the height is as much as 110 cm, which is much more than in traditional alcoves), and the L-shaped living room located downstairs can be used without restrictions - all this is functional makes the car similar to a full integrated. The motorhome, however, remains streamlined and economical, because after folding the roof it has dimensions like a typical half-integrated.
  • at a standstill, the compressor pumps the walls of the superstructure, and when we are going to move, it takes the air out of it. Locking (travel protection) is electric.
  • The folding roof has been thoroughly tested in a thermal chamber, where, in addition to high and low temperatures, it has been subjected to loads imitating wind and rainfall (including snow). The mechanisms responsible for folding and unfolding turned out to be reliable, and the cold and heat did not adversely affect the comfort of use. So it is a year-round solution.
  • in the event of pressure changes inside the chambers (e.g. due to load or temperature), the air is automatically replenished by the compressor to maintain structural stability.

At the entrance, the manufacturer has placed shoe cabinets, and opposite the lounge (behind the passenger's seat) there are permanently installed stairs leading to a fold-out alcove. Interestingly - the stairs have been cleverly used as lockers (drawers / cabinets) that can fit a lot of luggage.

We are looking forward to the detailed technical data and prices of both models. Taking into account the all-year-round use, Gallery TD campers can be quite a mess on the market.

Modifications in the Bürstner stable

Contrary to the previous tradition related to the continuous improvement of caravans, Bürstner for 2023 focused on numerous changes and polishing the portfolio of motorhomes. Modifications of Lyseo I (Integra) as well as new solutions and systems of Lyseo TD (semi-integrated) were presented at the recently concluded trade fair in Düsseldorf.

The brand's model portfolio is currently one of the widest on the market - from the compact COPA models and the version with a lifting roof (COPA TRAIL), through Campeo, Eliseo, Lineo, Nexxo Van to "full-size" half-integrateds and integrateds - everyone will find something for themselves here. As in previous years, special Harmony Line models will also be available next season, which, due to their popular styling and equipment packages, are often chosen by customers.

Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD
Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD
Bürstner Lyseo Gallery
Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD
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