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Viseo is one of the motorhomes awarded in the Motorhome of the Year 2014 plebiscite. In the case of the smallest integrated vehicle from Buerstner, the award seems fully deserved.

Viseo is a motorhome that seems modern at first glance. The oblique headlamps with round lamps blend seamlessly with the body line, which does not indicate the car's affinity with the Fiat Ducato.

Apartment on wheels

However, there are many manufacturers who make little changes to the inside of the car by making changes to the exterior design. This is not the case with Viseo.

Inside, we will find not only many original solutions, but also a design that can bring to mind modern furnished apartments . Straight lines are emphasized by exceptionally rich LED lighting. We can experience special impressions in the evening. Drawers, shelves and even stairs illuminated with slats create a unique, intimate atmosphere in the motorhome. The subdued colors of the furniture and simple, chrome handles additionally emphasize the impression of subtle luxury.

Flexible… bathroom

But it's not just the design that speaks for the Viseo. Time for the most important reason! Something completely innovative is the FlexoBed bathroom, which is currently only owned by Burstner. There is a shower, a washbasin, a toilet ... So what is uniqueness?

Well, after entering the bathroom, we see a washbasin suspended under a large mirror. It turns out, however, that the installation is mounted on a movable wall , or - you can say so - on the door of the shower cubicle. After moving this installation, the washbasin with the mirror disappears and we are in the shower cubicle.

Advantage? Space-saving. On a 696 cm vehicle, that really matters. Thanks to such a flexible solution, a relatively large bathroom with a shower cabin can be used in a fairly small motorhome.


Another clever patent was applied to the Viseo i700 version. In the rear part of the vehicle, we will not find a double bed or two single beds. Instead, there is an L-shaped sofa with a soft pouf next to it, which might as well be a coffee table . The sofa and pouffe can also be combined to transform them into a double bed.

In each of the three available varieties of Viseo you will also find a bed suspended from the ceiling in the front of the vehicle. After leaving it, we can find ourselves on a mattress protected on three sides, mounted on a frame made of wooden slats . There are LED reading lights above the bed.

Does Viseo have disadvantages? Certainly yes. The small size forced the manufacturer to make compromises. Perhaps the most noticeable is the tiny worktop in the kitchen . Most of it was taken up by a gas stove and a sink. However, everything that we can expect from such a vehicle can fit in the motorhome.

Prices in Germany start at 62,990 euros . To buy a Burstner motorhome in Poland, please contact an authorized dealer of this brand, .

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