Burstner Brevio - with a view of the scenery

Burstner Brevio - with a view of the scenery – main image

Burstner Brevio impresses with its ... back. What distinguishes it most from other compact motorhomes is the rear part of the body and the tailgate, or actually almost the entire wall that can be lifted up.

At the front, almost an ordinary Fiat Ducato, on the side - a typical, in addition not too long, semi-integrated motorhome. The shorter version measures 5.99 meters , the longer one - 6.38 meters. But from the rear, the quite original. A large tailgate with a large window may be an announcement of an interesting interior.

Fold-down bed… above the table

And indeed, despite its small size, because the interior is 2.1 m wide , the car is quite spacious. However, those hungry for novelty should head straight to the rear of the vehicle. This is where, depending on the version, there can be one double bed or two single beds. But more interestingly, in the T 645 version there is a suspended double bed above the sleeping places . This is a big change compared to standard solutions, because the alcove is almost always located above the driver and passenger seats.

However, this is not the end, because the lower bed can be turned into two sofas placed at the table between them during the day . So we can sit down and feast, while opening the tailgate, which will reveal to us the charms of nature outside.

In beautiful natural circumstances it would be a brilliant idea, if not for one snag ... Well , the tailgate is devoid of a mosquito net . On summer days it can mean, firstly - heat, secondly - flies during the day and mosquitoes in the evenings. Another disadvantage is the fact that it is not possible to open the window in the tailgate itself.

Party for 10 people

With all this, we may miss one more big advantage. However, this is very important - the table can be set up not only in the rear part of the vehicle, but also in the front, as in a "typical" motorhome.

There is a double couch at the front table, and on the other side, towards the table, the driver and passenger seats can be turned. It's not everything! There is one more fold-out seat - a kind of pouf or stool. All this means that the car - front and rear - can accommodate 8, and stubbornly even 10 people (of course only at a standstill and rather without accommodation options for everyone)!

What if someone is going camping with just two of us and doesn't need so much space to eat and discuss? Instead of a table at the back, he can order rails for transporting bicycles .

Kitchen with a large worktop

What else does Brevio offer original? For example, a sliding wash basin in a bathroom . Thanks to this solution, quite a lot of space has been found in the small room. After moving the wash basin, we can use the shower. We can separate the space around the shower with a curtain.

The kitchen has a relatively large worktop, which will certainly facilitate the preparation of meals. Worse, the lower kitchen cabinets are very shallow - that's because the gas cylinders are located on the outside. The refrigerator (100 liters) and the freezer (9 liters) are also small.

The prices of the basic versions of Brevio in Germany range from approx. 55 thousand. up to 57 thousand euro.

Burstner motorhomes can be purchased from the authorized dealer of this brand in in Katowice.

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