Campervan Malibu - modestly but practically

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Malibu is a brand owned by Carthago, famous mainly for the production of fully integrated vehicles. Malibu supplements the collection with the cheapest cars - campers, or campers based on tin buses.

Against the background of their bigger brothers, the Malibu vehicles look very modest, although it must be admitted that they make a very good impression from the outside. Based on the new Fiat Ducato, motorhomes attract the eye with aesthetic graphic motifs on the sides and a clear brand name on the radiator grille.

We go inside

In the interior, however, it is no longer a revelation. You do not need a skilled eye to know that the Malibu is a lower shelf than a high one among motorhomes. The finish corresponds to the currently accepted standards, but does not surprise with anything. It is correct and nothing else.

But that doesn't mean the Malibu doesn't have advantages! You can appreciate the large number of storage compartments, as well as the fold-out table top in the kitchen , thanks to which we gain a bit of space for cooking. If, however, this folded piece of table top was missing, the only free space (e.g. for cutting vegetables) would be the cover of the gas cooker. A noteworthy solution is a mosquito net located behind the stove, which can be moved along a rigidly mounted guide. It separates the kitchen area from the window behind the bridge. There is also a small shelf to the side of the small sink.

At every step, however, we can see that it is only a van and no miracles are to be expected. The bathroom has a small shower tray, a washbasin and a foldable toilet next to it. There isn't much room there. It is, however, a bit in a deep wardrobe and in a mini-garage under the beds.

Ventilation and heating are arranged in such a way that the heat or cool can also be used by people in bed . Let us add that the beds can be double or single, there is also a 4-person version, in which there is an additional, also a double bed above one double bed. Each one uses 7-zone foam mattresses .

The upholstery in the armchairs is also made of multi-layer foam. The table in the living room can be enlarged by sliding a small additional table from under the main table top.

We won't get any luxuries as standard, but we can expect many interesting amenities, starting with the entrance lighting or an electrically retractable entrance step with a buzzer . There is a wide, lockable compartment above the driver and passenger seats.

For users, the capacity of the tanks is very important. In Malibu, we will get a 100-liter fresh water tank (except for the DSB 600 version with an 80-liter tank) and a 92-liter waste water tank, which can be insulated and heated at an additional cost.

The cars are equipped with Truma Combi 4 heating, and a multifunctional control panel is placed above the entrance door. The motorhomes are equipped with an additional battery (80 Ah), as well as a charging system with an automatic switch protecting the battery against complete discharge.

Malibu offers four variants of motorhomes. We can choose from three varieties of the 600 model with a length of 5,998 mm and one model 640 with a length of 6,358 mm . In Germany, prices start at 41,450 euros .

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