Campervan "na richato" - Karmann Trendstyle 620

Campervan "na richato" - Karmann Trendstyle 620 – main image

The Karmann brand belonging to EURA MOBIL does not need any introduction. Cultism and quality are integral trademarks, "sewn" into the brand's DNA since 1977, when their first motorhome was created. One of the best-selling canopy motorhome series is DAVIS - a model range based on Fiat Ducato, with various lengths - from 540 to a whopping 636 cm. An interesting proposition is the Trendstyle variety, advertised as an "all inclusive" variant.

Apparent from the outside, big inside

Campervan "na richato" - Karmann Trendstyle 620 – image 1

Built on the longest version of the tin plate, the 620 model measures 636 cm in length and is the largest structure on offer. From the outside, the car in gray color called "Lanzarote" with black inserts and black 16-inch alloy wheels makes an aesthetic impression. Tinted windows and a black awning are elements that additionally give it an exclusive character.

Inside, there are many unusual design accents. The decor of the furniture with a textile microfiber pattern is basically unique. It fits perfectly with the upholstery in the color of coffee / cappuccino. Swivel cab seats with an extendable table and a sofa create a lounge for 4 people - there are also so many seats equipped with seat belts. The interior is 189 cm high.

Perfect for two

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The layout and location of the building elements are the implementation of a proven solution used by many manufacturers in metal plates of such dimensions. Behind the sofa there is a spacious bathroom with a toilet and a washbasin for a bus, opposite the bathroom, and a kitchen block with a two-burner stove, sink, cabinets / drawers and a refrigerator with a capacity of 80 liters. In the back there is a bedroom tailored to the needs of two people. The motorhome is equipped with separate beds with dimensions of 190x80 cm and 195x80 cm. It is a convenient solution when, for example, we get up at night - here such maneuvers will take place without the so-called "Scrambling" and disrupting your partner's sleep. In addition, it becomes possible to conveniently exit from the rear of the vehicle. It is possible to order a third bunk in the front, e.g. for a child.
Lockers above the beds in the back allow you to fit, for example, clothes, in addition, we have a luggage compartment.

Self-sufficiency above the standard

Campervan "na richato" - Karmann Trendstyle 620 – image 3

The unladen weight in running order declared by the manufacturer is approx. 3050 kg. Taking into account the DMC at the level of 3500 kg, we have to be careful when packing, but taking into account trips for two or with a child, such a supply should be enough. The side walls and the roof are insulated with PE foam. The water installation is also insulated, making the Karmann a year-round vehicle.

What distinguishes the Trendstyle version is its equipment and specification, which is much richer than the standard basic offer. As standard, we get a 140 HP engine, a leather steering wheel and many other accessories at no extra charge. Darkening the interior with system pleats at the front, a mosquito net for the entrance door and an electric step are equipment without which it is difficult to imagine a successful holiday.

The representative of the Karmann brand is the ACK company from Kędzierzyn-Koźle. In addition to the extensive offer of manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans (Benimar, Eura Mobil, Sterckemann, or the Karmann described here), the company is a distributor of leading brands of camping accessories and equipment - their stationary store is a real mecca for travelers. You can find the online offer at

Campervan "na richato" - Karmann Trendstyle 620 – image 1
Campervan "na richato" - Karmann Trendstyle 620 – image 2
Campervan "na richato" - Karmann Trendstyle 620 – image 3
Campervan "na richato" - Karmann Trendstyle 620 – image 4
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