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Nothing is lost. The air conditioning system can be easily purchased and installed in most caravans and motorhomes. Most often, we will pay about 5-6 thousand for an air conditioner. zloty. Owners of "old" caravans will certainly think carefully whether such an expense will pay off for them, but the comfort during hot days seems to be worth a one-time, greater expense.

The basic division of air conditioners concerns the place of their installation. We have a choice of roof and floor air conditioners.

Roof air conditioner in the trailer

The advantage of the cooling device mounted in the roof is certainly the fact that the air blown from such a device will naturally fill the entire caravan. Air descends from top to bottom, rapidly lowering the interior temperature.

Importantly, some campers and caravans are factory-adapted to the installation of roof air conditioning. A typical air conditioner mounted to a standard roof cutout (40 x 40 cm) should consume approx. 900 W, showing a cooling capacity of 2 kW.

The biggest disadvantage of devices of this type is the load on the roof and, consequently, an increase in the center of gravity of the entire vehicle. A 20-40 kg air conditioner placed high can reduce the driving characteristics of the trailer and increase the fuel consumption of the car. Such an air conditioner can also make a loud noise, which on the camping site can be a nuisance for the inhabitants of neighboring caravans.

Floor air conditioning in caravanning

In some respects, an underfloor air conditioner may be better. The advantage will be, for example, the center of gravity located at the bottom of the trailer and no need to load the roof. In addition, some devices are equipped with a soundproof housing, which should solve the noise problem.

Pipes are connected to such devices and they can be led out to any place in the trailer. Regardless of where we install such cables, effective cooling of the interior may require more intensive operation of the device, and thus more electricity consumption. The air must flow from the bottom (e.g. from an air conditioner installed under the sofa) upwards.

Another disadvantage is the loss of a portion of the luggage space that we have to sacrifice for air conditioning.

do it yourself

Some caravan and motorhome owners, especially those with a DIY line, have another solution. It consists in installing a portable air conditioner in the vehicle. It can be placed, for example, in one of the cabinets, cutting a hole for the cool air outlet and the control panel.

More advanced DIY enthusiasts can try a split solution, with a separate compressor and condenser on the outside of the vehicle and an internal evaporator on the inside.

Such a set will be cheaper than the purchase of a professional air conditioning system - the price of an inexpensive split air conditioner may be approx. zloty. In addition to the price, the advantage of this type of devices is usually also their quiet operation.

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