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The most famous caravan brands in Poland come from Germany, but the world does not end with our western neighbors. For example, in the Netherlands, Kip Caravan has been producing trailers for 80 years, which gives unlimited possibilities of personalizing its models.

The Kip company was founded in 1934 and, as is often the case in this industry, it all started with one person - in this case Jan Kip - and a caravan built for private use. Later, there were orders for the purchase of trailers, followed by others, and in 1949 it was possible to speak of mass production . However, what is particularly interesting, according to the manufacturer, as much as 70% of the trailers produced so far are still in use!

Comfort also for the big ones

The Kip brand is proud of the quality of its trailers, but also has other priorities - incl. aerodynamics (which contributes to lower fuel consumption) and comfort. The manufacturer pays close attention to the fact that even tall people can use the caravans without any problems. Kip also started cooperation with the Pullman brand, enriching some versions of its vehicles with premium mattresses.

Currently, the quality is guaranteed by a 6-year warranty on the tightness of the body . A three-layer roof using, among others the advantages of polyester allow a 30% reduction in noise caused by heavy rain. The outer sheathing is said to be extremely resistant to scratches and other damage, which was achieved thanks to the HPL material . It is a combination of pulp and two types of resin. Walls and floors, instead of ordinary polystyrene, were filled with styrofoam , which is much more resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

White and gray

Compared to the largest German manufacturers, the offer of the Dutch seems modest, as it comes down to four basic models and several special editions - e.g. on the 80th anniversary of the brand, or due to cooperation with the Pullman brand - a manufacturer of mattresses.

The distinguishing feature of Kip Caravan are two models with a lifting roof - Kompakt and Vision. Thanks to this convenience, the compact size of the trailer can be kept during the journey, which is more important for the aerodynamics, the smaller the car is used as a tug. The second advantage is height. When parked, the roof can be folded up so that a person up to two meters can stand upright in the trailer . Also, sleeping places will be suitable for tall people.

The basic model is Kompakt . Its length (without the drawbar) is 466 cm and its width is 183 cm. This is the smallest Kip caravan, dedicated even to such small vehicles as Mini. By default, the maximum permissible total weight is 1000 kg (each Kip trailer can be increased by this parameter), which, with a weight of 755 kg, leaves 245 kg of load capacity . Customers can choose from three interior layouts - one of them provides sleeping places for up to three people .

The Vision model is slightly larger, with a length of 474 cm and a width of 210 cm. It also comes in three versions and three interior layouts. With a weight of 872 kg, the permissible total weight is 1,200 kg .

The most important model for the manufacturer is Isa White , as evidenced by the fact that this trailer was chosen as the basis for the anniversary special edition. This mid-range trailer is available in three lengths: 520, 538 and 603 centimeters . The width is 219 cm. Customers can choose from 4 interior layouts with two, three and four sleeping places. An interesting fact is the double bed in some variants - it can be easily separated into two sleeping places. In most versions, the load capacity of the trailer is 290 kg (GVW is 1300 kg).

The offer is closed by Gray Line - a luxurious caravan with rounded furniture and stainless steel elements. The distinguishing feature of this model is also a toilet located in a separate room from the shower . This model is available in only one version with four beds. Its load capacity is sensational, as it amounts to 460 kg (GVW is 1700 kg). The length of this trailer is 541 cm and the width is 259.

For those who prefer colors

The basic models are available in white and gray. Boredom! So where are the personalization options I mentioned at the beginning?

Well, the Kip brand is also associated with a much newer brand - Shelter , targeted at young customers. It gives the possibility to order the trailer in almost any color , and if someone wants, he can also print any motif on it. It is enough to have a photo in sufficiently high resolution to make it a template for placing on the trailer!

Shelter also offers various equipment packages, thanks to which the Kip trailer will be adapted to the transport of a motorcycle, bicycles or surfboards . There will be no need to give up the residential functions of the trailer. In this way, the Dutch ensure that, despite the modest base offer, even the exorbitant expectations of active Europeans are met.

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