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Caretta caravans are an interesting alternative to the more typical types of caravans. Models of the "teardrops" are the most popular in the United States, while in our country they are a kind of exotic, and even a novelty. It is even more worth looking at the most popular version of the Caretta caravan - the 1500 model.

We have already described the Caretta Off Road model, recommended primarily to owners of off-road vehicles. However, we do not have to have an off-road vehicle or SUV to decide on a trailer from the Turkish company Basoglu Caravan . Recall - this company has been producing caravans since 1976 , so we are dealing here with a very experienced company.

Light, lighter… Caretta

Caretta 1500 is a caravan equipped with standard road tires. Due to the fact that its curb weight is only 445 kg , any car, even a small car, can handle it. City car with a caravan? Yes, now that shouldn't be a problem. The permissible total weight of the trailer is 750 kg .

Regardless of how small (or how big) the car we will tow the Caretta, we will definitely appreciate its compact dimensions. Length is 418 cm , width - 204 cm, height - 172.5 cm.

The height of the cabin itself is 110 cm . Of course, this will not allow you to walk inside it, but this is not the purpose of this vehicle. Caretta has been designed in such a way that you can sleep comfortably inside. That is why we find a mattress with dimensions of 200 x 150 cm , intended for two people.


The standard equipment also includes a Dometic 40 x 40 cm roof window with a mosquito net and a roller blind, as well as mosquito nets and roller blinds in the side windows, thanks to which we can freely adjust the access of natural light. For the most demanding customers, a 70 x 50 cm panoramic window is also available (at an additional cost).

Life goes on outside the trailer

What about activities such as washing or cooking? The producer also thought about it. There is no room inside for kitchen or hygienic activities, but you just need to open the hatch on the back and you will see a set of cabinets, sink, gas stove, shower and refrigerator (35 l) . And although some of this equipment requires an additional fee, it is worth taking them into account to fully enjoy the freedom we can feel at the campground.

The standard equipment of the Caretta 1500 includes a 40 Ah battery with a charger and a 230 V installation. solar panels (90 W), diesel parking heater , air conditioning , TV, DVD and radio. Important structural elements, such as shock absorbers, overrun brake and stabilizers - all of the renowned Al-Ko brand are also available at an additional cost.


If you liked the idea of a spare wheel placed on the front wall of the vehicle - we wrote about it on the occasion of the Off Road version - we are in a hurry to inform you that this option is also available in the 1500 model. Alternatively, the spare wheel may end up under the floor, but then the gray water tank has to be dispensed with.

If we would like to arrange the space around the caravan well, we will be helped by two mosquito nets the size of the side door , the Fiamma awning (available in two sizes) and the Air Tech side tent. For greater privacy, we can also order curtains for the kitchenette .

All this means that you may not need a large and heavy trailer to enjoy the closeness of nature and the charms of caravanning.

See you in Poznań

If you want to get to know Caretta 1500 better, it is worth going to Poznań for the Motor Show (April 6-9, 2017). The Polish importer will exhibit his exhibition in pavilion No. 15 .

By the way, it is worth mentioning that the company is in the process of organizing a dealer network in Poland - willing companies can still join the group of distributors.

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