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This year's event is an exceptionally large number of premieres and concept shows of motorhomes and caravans. Most major companies in the industry make efforts to construct recreational vehicles using renewable materials, and carefree journeys to be carried out in harmony with the environment.

Caravan Salon, the largest caravanning industry fair, ended on Sunday (September 6, 2015). More than 2,000 of the latest caravans and motorhomes were waiting for those arriving in Düsseldorf, as well as countless tourist and camping equipment, accessories and ideas to increase the comfort of traveling and resting at a stop. Most caravans and motorhomes are well-known market offers that have either been subjected to a subtle facelift or major changes to the interior design. The rule this year are electric lowered beds that are flush with the headlining and extremely compact Super Slim Tower coolers, as well as LCD panels that are designed with the convenience of using the receivers in mind.

Apart from the premieres of remarkably new models, many companies have attempted the premiere shows of concepts whose production is delayed until next year or provided an opportunity to probe the potential demand among caravanning enthusiasts.

TRIACA Concept 230

The reduction of CO2 emissions is mainly due to streamlined shapes, aerodynamically shaped capsules of residential buildings, built with the use of ultra-light forms. In this spirit, the TRIACA Concept 230 show car was announced. The Roller Team motorhome is made of a composite wall made of basalt fibers, 30% lighter than the commonly used sandwich walls. In the interior, all upholstery (including bed linen and towels) is made of recycled materials. Scientific institutes and architectural departments of the regions of Tuscany and Florence were involved in the several years of work on the motorhome of the future. When a vehicle is stationary, it uses the sun's rays to power its receivers. The photovoltaic system is mounted on the roof, which increases the volume of the interior thanks to electric actuators lifting it up.


Competences in the field of designing sliding-out segments of the development were presented by Hymer and Adria. The first of them was limited to shows of several functional models, in which retractable elements allow you to more rationally save space for a king-size bed or constitute an extension of the U-shaped rest zone. , 5 tons with such a system, which extends the construction by 70 cm. The production of the Compact SLS model is scheduled for 2016.

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Enduro Campervan and Ducato 4x4 Expedition


The show-car of the German company Bürstner is a study of work on a campervan based on the Fiat Ducato van. Brevio Rave conceals a modular system of a folding bathroom room and a huge bedroom lowered from the ceiling. Engineers worked with designers from Ross Design to make the whole thing appeal to people practicing enduro sports, targeting the 30-year-old age group. The novelty of the Fiat Professional group looks similar. The vehicle is based on the Ducato motorhome in a version with a long wheelbase and a high roof. Ducato 4x4 Expedition was produced in cooperation with the Tecnoform company specializing in equipping recreational vehicles.


Show Camper Van Fiat Ducato 4x4 Expedition is aimed at people who like adventure, looking for a strong and agile car, but at the same time able to provide a lot of space and comfort, also thanks to the higher than usual height inside the car, allowing you to straighten up freely.

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Dethleffs 4-travel will replace the Globe4 model
In the segment of partially integrated motorhomes, the flagship proposition in the category up to 3.5 tons of GVM is the Globe4 model. Its successor will make its debut at Caravan Salon 2015. Dethleffs produced the first motorhome in 1983. It was a pioneer in the development of both alcove and semi-integrated camper vans at one time. It is also the first German motorhome manufacturer to use a Fiat Ducato chassis with cabin. Now is the time to improve well-proven residential solutions. Motorhomes with aerodynamically profiled bodies have been enjoying growing popularity for years. They are usually several dozen centimeters lower than those in which an additional bedroom is hidden by a large alcove above the factory roof of the car, which makes the latter unrivaled when it comes to the number of sleeping places. The dilemma of choosing a family "house on wheels" has been simplified due to an interesting innovation. A few years ago, the bed lowered from the roof lining caused a sensation among motorhome users. Today, almost every company has in its production program vehicles in which we create a comfortable bedroom with one hand movement (optional electric drives that raise and lower the bed frame). This solution also determined the popularity of the Globe4 model, which since 2009 has been built in two basic specifications for the interior layout - for two travelers and families of 4. Now the successor of this model will debut.