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Concorde doesn't have huge competition. There are few manufacturers in Europe who build camping vehicles as luxurious and, for example, based on trucks as the Mercedes-Benz Atego.

Concorde Cruiser hits a certain niche. It is a motorhome prepared for demanding customers who are able to spend about 200-300 thousand zlotys on a holiday vehicle. euro. However, it is not enough to have a lot of cash. You also need a category C driving license.

High position

Cruisers are no longer vans, but real trucks. In addition to the aforementioned Atego Mercedes , Concorde also builds the Iveco Daily, Iveco EuroCargo and MAN TGL models.

In addition, Concorde not only updates the fleet of base vehicles, but also modernizes what is most important in this case - the camping part. The latest superstructures are 45 kilograms lighter than the previous ones. The sandwich construction provides good insulating properties.

The manufacturer points out the advantages of a truck camper. And these include not only greater comfort resulting from the space in the residential part. The high position behind the wheel means better visibility and greater safety for the driver and passenger in the event of a collision. Besides, such a car is well suited for traveling regardless of the season.

What's inside?

What is the advantage of a real apartment? First of all, the space - larger than in a typical apartment. If so, the Concorde Cruiser can be considered a motorhome suite - it is much more spacious than most other motorhomes. Here you can really talk about the kitchen, living room and bedroom as separate rooms, moreover, the bedroom can be separated from the living area with a sliding door .

Not only have wardrobes for storing clothes been thought of, but also the numerous cabinets in the kitchen, including tall pantries for storing food . Depending on the interior layout, the bathroom can be integrated or separated from a large shower cubicle.

All furniture and appliances are made of high-quality materials, which can be seen at first glance. Mineral countertops were used in the kitchen in the Cruisers based on MAN and Mercedes. The impression of luxury is enhanced by a simple procedure - LED strips running under the ceiling create an impression of elegance and create a pleasant atmosphere.

The devices are controlled by an on-board computer with a color display located above the entrance door. Among the many options available are, among others underfloor heating and powerful water tanks with a capacity of 320 liters .

Mainly with children in mind (although two adults can also easily fit there) , upper beds are provided, located in the niche above the driver's and passenger's seats . Adults can sleep in a large double bed or two single beds at the rear of the vehicle.

There may be a mini-garage under the beds, accessible from the outside. In the MAN / Atego 990 G, we can even speak of a real garage, because the Smart fits in it .

Large selection of

For Iveco Daily and Eurocargo, the maximum permissible total weight is 7.5 tonnes . In the MAN TGL and Mercedes-Benz Atego models, it amounts to as much as 12 tons . There are a total of 7 different interior layouts , 4 bed options and two bathroom variants.

So there is a lot to choose from. The prices of the standard versions range from 150 to 227 thousand. euro. But don't let this fool you. The manufacturer has also prepared a very rich list of additional equipment that requires an additional payment.

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