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In 2021, Dethleffs celebrates its 90th birthday. Its creator - Arist Dethleff made a significant contribution to the development of the caravanning industry, and many technical solutions of this brand over the years have been milestones in the history of vehicle and technology development.

Every year Dethleffs surprises us with new products, always trying to be one step ahead of the competition. Currently, the brand operates under the umbrella of the powerful and dynamically developing Erwin Hymer Goup production group, remaining one of the key brands in its portfolio.

Erwin Hymer Group, in turn, belongs to the American tycoon Thor Industries, which brings together a number of companies from the industry from rental companies (eg McRent, through wholesalers (eg Movera), to manufacturers of vehicles and accessories (eg Goldschmitt). Will the producer surprise us in the coming season? Today we will look at interesting new Dethleffs motorhomes for 2022.

Dethleffs Globetrail - the first tinplate in the history of the brand


It is at the Dethleffs plant in German Isny that Poessl and Crosscamp campervans, appreciated all over Europe, come off the tapes. This segment is growing very dynamically, and in 2020 it constituted as much as 32% of the entire motorhome market in Europe . The increase compared to 2019 was as much as 47%. No wonder that the manufacturer with 90 years of experience in the year of its jubilee decided to move also in this part of the market.

The result of development works is the Globetrail line available in 2 basic systems - 600DB and 640 EB measuring 599 cm and 636 cm in length, respectively. Both of them are based on the latest Fiat Ducato with a high roof. The MultiJet III drive units range in power from 120 HP (series), through 140, 160 and up to 180 HP. The smaller model is equipped with a double bed placed transversely at the rear, while the larger one with longitudinally arranged single beds that can be combined into one "family" bed.

When deciding on the interior layout, the manufacturer focused on a proven solution - the cab consists of seats that rotate backwards towards the table with a swivel extension, at which, while driving on the couch, there will be room for additional 2 passengers. Behind the aforementioned sofa there is a sanitary module with a shower. In front of the bathroom there is a kitchen with a two-burner stove , a sink and a large worktop. Below are 3 handle-free drawers, and above are cabinets. The refrigerator with a capacity of 84 liters can be found in the front of the kitchen block, which allows access both inside and outside the vehicle.

The beds in the rear are equipped with a folding frame system, which greatly facilitates the efficient use of the rear garage. In it, in turn, the manufacturer has built a pull-out drawer for the most useful accessories, which we reach as soon as we reach the stop (wedges, flashlight, cables, etc.).

The exterior decor leaves no room for doubt - it's a real Dethleffs.

Dethleffs Trend in the jubilee version of "90" - also in 2022


The jubilee version of the Trend "90" half-integrated game, very popular in 2021, will also be available in 2022 with a package of attractive additional equipment. The Trend series, available in 8 different systems, based on a reinforced 165 hp version of the Citroen Jumper, is equipped with, among others, with light rims, leather steering wheel, automatic air conditioning, large panoramic window above the cab, high-class frame windows (not protruding) with integrated mosquito nets / blinds, as well as wide doors 70 cm wide with a window.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the shading of the cab and the Light Moments lighting package - this reduces the list of potential additional equipment, and for a fan of the brand it means measurable savings (according to the manufacturer's data, up to EUR 12,000 compared to similarly equipped competitors' vehicles). It is also worth mentioning the floor and roof in the Lifetime Smart construction without wood and with a covering made of weather-resistant (especially hail) laminate. This means that we will be able to enjoy the motorhome for many years, and its value will remain for just as long.

Globebus - compact integrals and half-integrateds


The Globebus series consists of a total of 4 systems (2 half-integrateds and 2 integrateds) that share a few common features. The width of the building reaches 2.2 m, and the lengths are 599 or 699 centimeters, respectively. It is a series of cars extremely spacious inside, but surprisingly agile in travel. Both the walls, the floor and the roof are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation, all these elements are made in sandwich technology and have an external laminate sheathing. These cars will cope with the winter perfectly (the "winter comfort" package is also available as an option).

The 2022 models feature new interior decors colors (light wood and white fronts), a modern concrete gray floor design and many functional and structural changes. And so, in the kitchen, the gas hob has been reduced to the 2-burner version, significantly enlarging the working surface, and a folding top from the front of the kitchen block has also been added. Excellent-quality, 15-centimeter-thick mattresses and a non-slip surface in the garage are also important changes worth noting. Luggage compartment service flaps have new, high-quality, smooth-running locks.

The standard power unit of the base Fiat (the newest Ducato) is a 120 horsepower engine (optionally also 140, 160 or 180). When ordering Globebus, we can reach for the optional automatic 9-speed gearbox with excellent work culture. We can also choose from a number of additional packages containing multimedia systems, as well as security solutions and visual, racial flavors such as the Pulse White or Pulse Gray package.

Globetrotter XLI - the family colossus


The biggest changes for the upcoming season took place in the premium segment - the 3-axle XLI series cruiser is regularly upgraded, and over time, they find their way to the more popular (read cheaper) models. Particularly noteworthy in the new version of this powerful motorhome is the external design - here we have consistent, dynamic lines and attention to detail.

Many accents seem to be borrowed from sports cars. Aggressive front, LED lights and black diffusers at the rear, carefully selected colors and wrapping - it is all impressive. For the first time, the service hatches do not feature standard handles - all of them are opened by pressing the door. The entrance door to the interior of the building is also held in place by a gas cylinder instead of a plastic "handle" and a lock.

The XLI is a standard vehicle with ALDE water heating and perfectly insulated as standard - it is a model very popular among winter travelers.

Until now, there was an additional couch to the right of the entrance. In the new model, we find a cabinet-toolbox with a place for storage, from the bottom of which we can pull out the pouffe. It can serve as an entrance step to the upper bed, as well as an additional seat, or even a passenger footrest. There is a 32-inch TV set on the wall above the cabinet. Also new to this model is the integrated on-board technology management system (lights, tanks, gas management, etc.) called Dethleffs connect with an optional app for mobile devices. We will definitely try to devote a separate article to the XLI series, because there is something to write home about.

A specialist in Dethleffs vehicles is the Centrum Campingowe chain with headquarters in Kutno and branches in Warsaw, Gdynia and Poznań. The company has not only specialized in sales for several years, but also successfully provides services related to the servicing of Dethleffs recreational vehicles and their retrofitting. If you are interested in renting a specific car model before making a purchase decision, they will also help and advise you in this matter.

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