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Fully integrated motorhome for less than 60,000 euro? According to the manufacturer, this is a sensation! And that's what Dethleffs tried to convince visitors to at CMT, where the new version of the Trend model had its premiere. And guess what? I guess he was right.

Is it possible to buy a new motorhome for less than 60,000? euro? Yes you can. Can an integrated motorhome be bought at this price? It will not be easy, but it can also be done if we find a model with poor equipment and a weak engine.

Nevertheless, the new version of the Trend model from Dethleffs turned out to be a surprise. This manufacturer cares about the good quality of its vehicles and does not offer naked men even as standard. It is not the price itself that may be surprising, but the fact that when paying for a "low-budget" motorhome, we can buy a decently equipped vehicle with not the weakest engine. And that's something!

Two in one

Dethfless Trend I 7057 has everything we can expect from a mid-range motorhome based on Fiat Ducato , and it has one more advantage - it looks like a fully integrated vehicle. First of all, the appearance - this car is a "full mouth" motorhome, not a "delivery van" with a superstructure, which may be a significant advantage for some customers. Secondly, it has a large panoramic windshield for good visibility while driving.

And at the same time, it does not lack the advantages typical of semi-integrated cars. The manufacturer in particular emphasizes the presence of a drop-down bed in the front part of the cabin (its dimensions are 196 x 150 mm). Interestingly, it has the same 7-zone mattress as the traditional bed (single or double) located at the rear of the vehicle. In addition, it can be lowered so low that you can also sit comfortably upstairs.

Easy access

The rear bed (double version) can be raised and lowered by 30 cm . When it is set high, climbing it may not be the most convenient, but we can then make full use of the garage.


The garage opening measures 115 x 93 , so it can be easily accommodated by bikes or even a scooter. If, on the other hand, we lower the bed, we will have less loading space, but it will be more convenient for us to lie down. It is worth mentioning that the length of the bed is 190 cm , so only 2 meters will complain.

The motorhome is entered through a wide, 70-centimeter door . The vehicle features typical motorhome equipment in two color versions of the furniture and three upholstery colors to choose from. For an additional fee, you can also purchase decorative LED strips, which will additionally diversify the modern interior.

Space in abundance

The kitchen is arranged in a comfortable L-shape, and the cook has a 3-burner stove, a stainless steel sink, a large, 142-liter fridge with a freezer and soft-closing drawers.

An interesting fact is the magnetic board above the entrance door - we can attach important information to it or, for example, drawings made by our children.

The bathroom is located on two opposite sides of the cabin. On one side there is a ceramic washbasin and a toilet, on the other side there is a shower cubicle. The bathroom space can be connected with each other by closing the door between the bedroom and bath area and the living area.


Good standard

The length of the motorhome is 739 cm. The permissible total weight of the Dethfless Trend model is 3.5 tons, while the loading of the motorhome (with four passengers) cannot weigh more than 514 kg . The car is equipped with a 2.3-liter MJet engine with a capacity of 130 HP as standard, so from the start we get something more than a Ducato with a basic 115 HP unit.

Both the roof and the floor of the motorhome were made of GRP material , thanks to which we can expect a vehicle resistant to various weather conditions (including hail), moisture, and at the same time well insulated from noise coming from the ground or ... from the sky (eg. in the rain).

Regardless of whether we choose the version with two single beds or a double bed in the back, we will pay 58,999 euros for the model with basic equipment (in Germany). In Poland, Dethleffs vehicles are sold, among others, by Car-GO! from Poznan.

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