Dethleffs with a view of the stars

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Thanks to the retractable roof, you can spend a romantic night under the stars - encourages the Polish distributor of the Dethleffs brand. Such a solution is available in the Tourist SD caravans.

Dethleffs Tourist trailers are available in Poland in seven variants. Three of them are marked SD, the rest are HD.

Comfortably and safely

The SD model is available in lengths of 613 and 663 cm. The HD gives you more choice - in addition, a length of 543 cm is available. Each Tourist is 210 cm wide , so it is relatively narrow, which means less space in the middle on the one hand, and easy driving on the other.

Of course, the manufacturer emphasizes the latter - the caravan is said to run perfectly well even on mountain serpentines. Comfort and safety are to be additionally ensured by the low Al-Ko suspension and the stabilizer.

For romantics and astronomers

The height of the trailer is 242 cm. In versions with a folding roof, the height can be increased by as much as 180 cm . This is enough to organize an additional bedroom "upstairs". Unfortunately, the roof bed has the dimensions of 200 x 136 cm, which means that it was not intended for a couple (although supposedly "for someone who wants it, nothing difficult").

The platform has "windows" made of thinner material, which allows you to observe the stars and, more practical, provides fresh air.

If we decide on the version without the upper bedroom, the view of the starry sky does not have to miss us. We can have a roof that is lifted just a few dozen centimeters , equipped with a side window and a large sunroof.

In addition, the material between the walls of the caravan and the ceiling allows air to pass through , which can bring a bit of relief after hot days on summer evenings. It is impossible not to appreciate the huge, tilt window on the front wall of the caravan.

Other elements that distinguish the Tourist caravan are tinted windows and six body colors. Delicate shades of gray, brown and green , as well as classic white, provide a choice not usually available from other manufacturers.

Very basic equipment

The interior itself is rather classic, and since the caravan is not large, it is hard to expect revolutionary solutions. The equipment is modest - but, fortunately, there is also what is most needed. The kitchen and bathroom with toilet and sink are available in six out of seven variants. There is no bathroom in the shortest HD 350 SG model.

The standard equipment includes Trumatic S3002 or S2200 heating (depending on the model), a 2-burner stove, a 60-liter fridge with a 5-liter freezer, a 19-liter clean water tank, 4 sockets, and a shower tray in the bathroom. Unfortunately, there is only a single box for a gas cylinder .

You can have more for an extra charge. For example, a refrigerator can be replaced with an 87-liter one, a water tank with a 38-liter one, and a cooker with a 3-burner one. We can also order a 5- or 14-liter water heater. In the packages, along with other elements of equipment, we will receive, among others illuminated canopy in front of the windshield .

The permissible total weight of Tourista, depending on the version, may be 1100, 1200 or 1300 kg. A trailer with basic equipment in Poland costs from 16,499 to 18,499 euros + 1000 euros for transport.

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