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Constructors of modern motorhomes compete in adapting vehicles to the needs of various target groups, wanting to achieve optimal utility values for each of them. Sometimes these are families with children, where the priority is a spacious garage and compartments for provisions and toys. Sometimes sports enthusiasts transporting specialist equipment, and sometimes couples spending most of the year in a motorhome.

The key construction element in most cases when it comes to space development is the double floor of the motorhome . However, storage space is not the only argument in favor of a double floor.

Lockers, lockers, lockers ...


Basically, the bodywork of each motorhome is mounted on a support frame, which, next to the clean and gray water tanks and installations, has a lot of space and nooks and crannies. When viewing vehicles from the outside, we can often see with the naked eye the side service hatches located at the height of the chassis, behind which, for example, gas cylinders are hidden. How this space is used depends only on the imagination of the creators of a given model (and of course the budget).

As standard, inside motorhomes you will find lockers with flaps / doors. Their size and depth will depend on the base frame of the vehicle (cars based on low-slung AL-KO frames, dedicated to motorhomes, have deeper and more spacious compartments). A perfect example of this is the Pilote motorhome series, where the distance between the underside of the chassis and the vehicle's floor is 21 cm. The use of the low-slung AL-KO frame allows you to improve the driving characteristics by lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle, maintain a comfortable interior height and an acceptable overall height of the vehicle (285 cm for the integrated) and provide space for stowage spaces accessible from all sides.

A pioneer in the field of dual use is the Frankia brand, which in 1995 was one of the first manufacturers to offer a storage compartment accessible from both sides along the entire width and length of its vehicles. It is worth stopping at this brand for a moment.

Currently, the vast majority of Frankia motorhomes are offered with a flat floor without steps / steps along the entire length, and the space is used as efficiently as possible. All compartments are easily accessible. They include on-board electronics, an electric control unit and an inverter, but also - and here Frankia stands out from the rest of the premium segment - a dedicated installation compartment. We find here valves, a retractable electric cable or a water hose on a practical reel. Ergonomic reasons for such a solution are indisputable - it is the location at the lowest possible point - even if draining water from the system for the winter is in this case easy, quick and effective. Even a drawer for small tools or gloves has been thought of. The advantage of the vehicles of this brand is also ergonomics - heavy sports equipment or furniture, even of a large length, can be placed in a low-hanging garage accessible from the side and rear, or in a storage compartment accessible from two sides and located across the vehicle.

Double floor - heat buffer


Thermal comfort and insulation of the installation are also a significant argument in favor of choosing a motorhome with a reasonably planned double floor. Regardless of the type of heating you choose (Truma or Alde airflow), the double floor accumulates heat. In winter, it is especially important not only for our comfort and warm feet, but also for the provisions hidden under the deck, and above all, the valves, pipes and tanks with clean and gray water located there.


Modern structures of the space between the chassis and the floor and the heated air acting as an insulator will not allow these critical elements to freeze even in extremely low temperatures. Placing drain valves or even batteries in the heated space allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises and costly service interventions.

A double floor is an excellent and practical solution. However, it should be remembered that the space between the floor and the chassis can be an attractive habitat for all kinds of rodents - if you have a motorhome with a double floor, we advise you to immediately equip it with a repeller permanently connected to the battery. You should also avoid flooding the floor, as cleaning hard-to-reach spaces can be problematic.

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