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A new important place on the caravanning map of Poland that is worth visiting is the Hymer Poznań salon and service. The company debuted at last year's fair in Poznań and is dynamically expanding the range of services and products offered.

Mobile leisure enthusiasts will appreciate the high level of service characteristic of a premium brand - both at the stage of vehicle selection and after-sales care. By the way, you can take advantage of the full range of professional service support - from current repairs to retrofitting with the necessary accessories available on site. In addition to the Hymer brand, the dealer also offers budget vehicles of the Sunlight brand, which enjoys recognition and excellent reputation throughout Europe.

Hymer B-Klasse ModernComfort


The Hymer brand does not need to be introduced to anyone - a range of 24 motorhome models, the essence of luxury and travel at the highest level, regardless of your budget and preferences. The apple of the brand's eye is the best-selling semi-integrated BMC-T and integrated BMC-I models. The basis of both of these lines is the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter . In conjunction with the SLC chassis from Hymera and a light body structure based on walls that are a combination of aluminum and polyurethane, as well as a chassis made of a laminate of resins, we get a lightweight, airtight and durable premium class vehicle.

The shortest integra is 699 cm long, its unladen weight in running order is less than 3 tons. It is worth noting that as standard, we gain all the amenities for year-round trips and a lot of independence (fully insulated, winter housing with a double floor for storage spaces and a technical space as high as 36 cm, a high garage measuring 123 cm, a clean water tank with a capacity of 180 l. on gray with a capacity of 150 l), and all this even in vehicles under 7 m! If we decide on the 4.5 ton model, we can get an impressive load capacity of up to 1.5 tons.

Both the BMC and half -integrals are available in 5 variants / interior layouts. Depending on the model, the vehicles offer 4-5 sleeping and driving places. The width of the building is 229 cm and the height is 296 cm. The list of standard equipment is extensive and includes a powerful 143 HP engine, a large refrigerator, and garage doors on both sides.

Hymer CrossOver - models for special tasks


Hymer has been offering motorhomes with all-wheel drive for years, but so far they have been visually mainly standard motorhomes, in which the use of 4x4 drive was to improve the comfort and safety of driving. Off-road vehicles are a novelty in the offer. The ML-T 570 CrossOver is a motorhome with high ground clearance, aggressive features and excellent driving characteristics in almost any terrain. The vehicle is 689 cm long, 222 cm wide, and the GVW is 4,100 kg.

4 passengers will find a place to ride on board, while 2-3 people will sleep. In running order, the weight reaches 3,410 kg. The energy independence of this model is impressive thanks to two 90W photovoltaic panels, two lithium batteries 135 Ah each, a 95 Ah lead battery and a voltage converter.

The Truma system, powered by diesel fuel, is responsible for heating. The vehicle is equipped with an altitude kit, which allows, for example, to cook at an altitude of more than 1500 m above sea level. Apart from the remarkable design and off-road wheels, attention should also be paid to the strip with LED floodlights placed above the cab, useful not only on off-road roads, but also in road traffic. The model is definitely an interesting option for off-road fans.

The second model in the CrossOver series is the smaller Grand Canyon S , representing the tinplate segment. The width of the vehicle is 206 cm and the gross vehicle weight is 3,880 kg. The vehicle is extremely compact and agile - the length is only 593 cm. The bed is located across the rear of the vehicle. A modular bathroom with a toilet and a fully functional kitchen combined with an efficient heating system make this car a reliable companion even on longer journeys. The power supply system, number and type of batteries are the same as in the case of the bigger brother described above.

The Hymer brand is a precursor to many trends in the industry, setting the tone in many respects - both design and technology are models for many manufacturers. When looking for a durable and technically sophisticated motorhome, it is worth getting interested in this brand. It is worth noting that the Hymer and Mercedes Benz companies have been cooperating for many years, which means that the body and the base vehicle are perfectly matched. The fruit of the cooperation is, for example, an advanced infotainment system and on-board systems management system, under which (unique on the market) the base vehicle exchanges information with the bodybuilder's headquarters.

Although the salon is new, the Hymer Poznań team is made up of people with a passion for traveling and having experience in the industry. Solid substantive and technical preparation will ensure that every customer will find here not only a dream vehicle, but also competent support.

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