Dreamer D55UP - a well-thought-out campervan for four

Dreamer D55UP - a well-thought-out campervan for four – main image

The French brand Dreamer, belonging to the Rapido group, has in its collection for 2023 a number of interesting interior layouts based on the increasingly popular "tins". We have already written about the news here: Dreamer - news from the smaller Rapido brothers . Today we will look at a model that, thanks to the use of several brilliant technical solutions in terms of functionality, can easily compete with larger structures.

Dimensions - like nothing, but ...

Only 599 cm long and 272 cm high measures our hero based on Peugeot Boxer. This corresponds to the catalog dimensions of models with the designation "L3H2" and means that we can easily handle maneuvering even in the urban jungle. Finding a parking space (as long as the length is the only determining factor) is also not a problem. Despite the compact dimensions, we are dealing here with a fully functional motorhome for 4 people.

Dreamer D55UP - a well-thought-out campervan for four – image 1

Behind the swivel seats for the driver and front passenger is a table with a swivel for use by the front passenger. This is a practical solution that does not hinder movement around the motorhome and ... facilitates access to the bed placed above. And it is this raised bed above the living room that makes this model unique. 2 people can sleep comfortably here (dimensions are 200x130 cm). In practice, there is no need to modify the layout of the living room each time in order to prepare a place for the night. In the space between the table and the raised bed, the manufacturer has also provided space for cabinets and sockets for charging mobile devices.

Dreamer D55UP - functional kitchen and brilliant bathroom

To the left of the entrance (as in most similar units) there is a kitchen block with a worktop equipped with a 2-burner stove and a sink. Traditionally, under and above the working space we have cabinets and drawers. Opposite the kitchen, just behind the seats, there is a large 149-liter refrigerator - a real treat in cars of this segment.

Dreamer D55UP - a well-thought-out campervan for four – image 2

However, Dreamer's patent for the bathroom makes a considerable impression. In the blink of an eye, we transform the wardrobe located in front of the back bedroom into a separate shower - the trick is to tilt the wardrobe to the bed (so-called MODUL'SPACE). Together with the sink and toilet located on the opposite side, which are separated from the front by a door, we gain a large-sized bathing room across the entire width of the motorhome.

Dreamer D55UP - a wide range of options

The rear bed measures 195x132 cm, which is more than enough for two adults. On the left and right, of course, there is space for lockers for luggage and wardrobe. The interior of the D55UP is bright and attractive thanks to the materials used and modern design. The panoramic window above the driver's cab – the so-called skyview.

The clean water tank holds 110 liters, and thermal comfort is ensured by the Webasto stove in combination with the Whale gas or gas-electric boiler (8l). There is room for 1 large gas cylinder (13 kg). The base version of the D55U is based on the 120 HP Boxer. By choosing the UP ADDICT version, we gain a more powerful drive unit (140 HP), but there is always the option of choosing the ADDICT variant based on Fiat Ducato with an automatic gearbox. Then the car gets slightly different rims, and its height is increased by 45 mm. The ADDICT version as standard includes a number of amenities included in the FUN+ package, significantly improving functionality and security. From driving assistants to wiring and visual flavors (body color bumpers, dedicated Arizona upholstery, etc.). Despite the higher price, it is definitely worth considering this package of benefits.

Dreamer D55UP is an interesting proposition for couples and families, and the raised bed and the brilliant layout of the bathroom combined with a large fridge are arguments that are hard to argue with. There are few comparable constructions with such an excellent value for money. It is worth noting that the D55UP is adapted to carry longer items, so it will not be surprised even by a spontaneous ski trip.

If you are interested in Dreamer vehicles, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the detailed offer at dealers of this brand - M-CAMP from Dzierżoniów and Camel Camp from Poznań recommend their services.


Dreamer D55UP - a well-thought-out campervan for four – image 1
Dreamer D55UP - a well-thought-out campervan for four – image 2
Dreamer D55UP - a well-thought-out campervan for four – image 3
Dreamer D55UP - a well-thought-out campervan for four – image 4
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