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Like many respectable brands in the recreational vehicle industry, Eura Mobil also strongly focuses on the segment of luxury, fully integrated cruisers in its portfolio. In fact, even 2 segments. "Integra Line" are two-axis, rather compact integrateds with a length of 699 to 759 cm. The quintessence of an uncompromising, mobile adventure is the model line simply called "Integra", in which we will find two- or three-axle giants with a length of 789 to 899 cm in a total of four versions.

Today we will look at the largest, almost twin proposals with the designation I890, which distinguishes the layout of the bedroom in the back. The model with the QB extension is equipped with a centrally placed French bed, while the EB is a variant with separate single beds.

Integration for the whole family

The base of all Eura Mobil integrated motorhomes is the latest version of Fiat Ducato. The current, fourth edition of the integrated collection has been with us since its premiere in 2017, however, it is subject to constant improvements. From the outside, the design is invariably fresh and attractive and should appeal to most customers.

But what can we expect from the interior in a vehicle with a total length of 899 cm? Of course - a huge space! In addition, thanks to the 3-axle chassis design and the lowered AL-KO frame, we gain a stable base and as much as 5.5 tons of permissible total weight. In terms of payload, there are no compromises, especially since the declared curb weight of the vehicle in running order is 4 tons. The motorhomes are equipped as standard with 4 seats with 3-point seat belts, and optionally the configuration can be supplemented with an additional, fifth seat. As standard, the manufacturer has provided a sleeping place for four on board, but it is also possible to extend it by an additional 2 people.

The standard bed configuration is:

  • 890 EB: rear 195x80 and 200x80 cm, front drop-down bed 193x150 cm
  • 890 QB: rear 195x150 cm, front drop-down bed 193x150 cm

Option for both models: bed instead of sofas in the living room (dimensions when unfolded 129.5x200 cm.
Needless to say, the 7-zone foam in the mattresses will ensure the comfort of sleep.

Eura Mobil for the demanding - I 890QB/EB – image 1

In fact, from the moment we enter, we can be sure that we are in a premium class vehicle. A bright interior, effective lighting and the highest quality materials combined with a well-thought-out design of even the smallest detail act like a magnet. Fronts made of varnished wood in combination with light upholstery (fabric or one of the leather versions) make a really cozy impression. Of course, the impression of space is mainly influenced by the dimensions of the vehicle itself. In addition to the previously mentioned length, it should be emphasized that the total width of the body is 232 cm, and the height of the entire car - 292 cm. The height inside is 197.5 cm and therefore will be sufficient for most users.

Eura Mobil for the demanding - I 890QB/EB – image 2

Behind the swivel driver and passenger seats is a really spacious lounge with all-round sofas and an (optional) retractable TV. Even 8 adults can easily sit here - from family relaxation to a cheerful feast, we have a full spectrum of possibilities here. No one will complain about the lack of storage space in the kitchen - thoughtful solutions, a 3-burner cooker and a large sink integrated with a solid worktop will meet the expectations of the most demanding gourmets. A large fridge-freezer (also available with an oven) is located opposite the kitchen. Further towards the back we are greeted by a bathroom divided into two parts. The shower is simply gigantic and has an integrated seat - especially the elderly / with mobility impairments will appreciate it. The quality of finish, design and materials used here simply delight.

Eura Mobil - thoughtful solutions

Eura Mobil for the demanding - I 890QB/EB – image 3

The on-board battery has a standard capacity of 80 Ah, and the vehicles are standard equipped with wiring enabling the connection of solar panels. The clean water tank holds 140 liters (the reservoir for driving can be set to 25 liters), and the gray water - 100 liters. Both tanks and valves are of course insulated/heated. Greywater is discharged using a solenoid valve - a useful feature.

The use of the lowered AL-KO frame thanks to the double floor significantly increases the storage capacity and helps to maintain thermal comfort at the best possible level. The construction of perfectly insulated walls and roof (30 mm thick) and floor (38 mm) combined with top-class ALDE heating guarantee year-round comfort regardless of external conditions. What is important (and not obvious in the case of manufacturers, even in the premium segment) - the huge trunk / garage is equipped with service flaps on both sides of the vehicle. In addition to lighting and heating, there is a luggage securing system and a non-slip floor.

In general, the technological equipment in Eura Mobil bodies meets the needs of modern travelers. The above-mentioned carefully designed lighting is programmable and equipped with a dimming system. USB sockets for charging mobile devices in the most sensitive places have also been thought of. The shelf with the coffee maker is lowered electrically, as is the front bed.

Luminary Package - the key to complete happiness

As with many other manufacturers, also here we will find several proposals of above-standard packages that increase the functionality and comfort of traveling. The Luminary and Luminary Plus sets offer a lot of extras that cannot be listed here. However, the most important option from the point of view of the weight of the vehicle (included in both packages mentioned above) is the replacement of the 140-horsepower drive unit with a more powerful 180-horsepower one. If you combine a more powerful engine with an excellent quality new automatic transmission, the vehicle will give you a lot of fun and reliable performance.

The official representative of the EURA MOBIL brand in Poland is the ACK company from Kędzierzyn-Koźle. In addition to vehicle distribution, the dealer has an authorized service center of the manufacturer. Company website:


Eura Mobil for the demanding - I 890QB/EB – image 1
Eura Mobil for the demanding - I 890QB/EB – image 2
Eura Mobil for the demanding - I 890QB/EB – image 3
Eura Mobil for the demanding - I 890QB/EB – image 4
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