Fendt Brillant caravan

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The manufacturer is convinced that this caravan positively stands out from other, apparently similar vehicles. How is he trying to convince us?

Nice, modern interior and nice equipment - this is what Fendt sees as a pass to a higher class caravanning.

Lights and mirrors

Two-color furniture and light upholstery create an impression of spaciousness. This effect is further enhanced by numerous light points and "designer" main lamps above the table and above the main bed. These lamps look like round mirrors surrounded by LED lamps. Not only do they look great, they also reflect light.

If that wasn't enough, light strips have appeared at the top of the hanging cabinets, and light also radiates from under the ceiling air conditioning. Additional lighting was placed above the kitchen counter. The upper lamps in the bedroom and living room have light intensity regulation .

Fireplace in the caravan lounge

However, light is not enough to stand out from the competition. Therefore, in the best-equipped versions, we also find elements such as heating with a fireplace (Truma S5004) and a large flat TV. On-board devices can be controlled with a convenient panel with clearly grouped buttons, but you can also use the remote control.

In the kitchen, you can enjoy not only the 190-liter fridge-freezer, but also the oven and the extractor hood. In the sleeping area, the beds have adjustable headrests . In the bathroom, there is a comfortable cupboard behind the mirror. A shower and a wash basin are of course a standard, but a modern faucet complements the whole in a pleasant way.

A caravan for four people

The Fendt Brillant comes in four interior layouts and three sizes. The 560 SF model measures 803 cm, while the usable length is only 570 cm. The curb weight is 1,710 kg and the permissible total weight is 2,000 kg. 4 people can rest in this caravan without any problems. It can be tight mainly in the bathroom part with a toilet and shower. The washbasin did not fit there anymore, it had to be placed outside.

The 560 SG model is the same length and weighs 20 kg more. In this version, there is a bit more space in the bathroom (where the washbasin can fit), but at the cost of space in the rest of the caravan.

The 650 TF model is a two-axle version of the trailer, 893 cm long. 660 cm is available to users. Most of the space is intended mainly for additional buildings, so we can fit more things in wardrobes and lockers. However, we will not feel this space in the living or bathroom area. The mass of this Brillant is 1,950 kg, and the permissible total weight is 2,400 (or optionally 2,500) kg.

If we really want a taste of luxury, we are left with the 700 TFD version. This two-axle caravan also accommodates only 4 people, but there is already a little more space here. The biggest benefit compared to other models is the separation of as many as three zones related to hygiene procedures. Shower, sink and toilet are separated from each other. The caravan measures 934 cm, of which 700 cm are intended for passengers. The curb weight of the vehicle is 2,060 kg, and the permissible gross weight is 2,400 / 2,500 kg.

The new Brillant 700 TFD trailer costs about PLN 43,000 in Germany. euro . The basic model 560 SF was valued at approx. 36 thousand. euro .

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