FENDT trailers - in 2015 with a new front

FENDT trailers - in 2015 with a new front – main image

The Fendt brand does not want to be inferior to its competitors and is introducing changes to its models for 2015. All trailers will have a new front, and there will be more models and new interior variants to choose from.

All Fendt models have at least been refreshed and all have a new front.

One piece front

Most of the trailers (with the exception of the top model in the offer - Brillant) are made on one platform, therefore innovations in higher models are immediately introduced also in cheaper trailers. It also happened this time, with the new design of the front part of the vehicles.

LFI - Long Fiber Injection technology is used in the construction of Fendt trailers. The point is that the front of the caravan is made of a weave of pressed glass fibers and polyurethane. As a result, the shiny and uniform surface with no joints comes off the production line.

The "prow" of the trailer, made of one piece of plastic, provides greater vehicle stability and better insulation of the body . A gas cylinder compartment with a comfortable, large handle fits well into the modern front.

In the 2015 season, white trailers with gray accents will dominate. The make and model of the trailer are clearly marked. The drawbar of each model has a white cover, and silver slats are mounted on the sides of the trailer. Side marker lights in the form of LED strips will appear in the Diamant and Brillant models.

Interesting interiors

The color scheme has changed in the interior of many models. In the more expensive ones, black worktops and white drawers underneath look interesting. This does not mean, however, that the decor of the entire trailer is black and white.

The remaining pieces of furniture usually have white and brown elements. As a result, the interior of each vehicle is varied, although it was possible to maintain one consistent style.

Two-color furniture combining white and light brown, which was popular in the Tendenza model, will go to the cheaper Bianco caravan in the new season.

A wealth of variants

As for the plans of the most refreshed Tendenza model, they will not change - the caravan will be available in the lengths of 703 cm, 722 cm and 751 cm, and there will be one variant in each.

This is not much compared to the cheaper models. Saphir has as many as 18 versions (including two new ones), while Bianco has 7 variants (including two new ones). The novelty of the season is the Selection trailer, which is available in 7 variants.

Above this model, but below the Tendenza model, there is Opal , which will show one new among the 12 interior layouts. The 590 SD variant has a glass shower cubicle , separate from the bathroom part, and the beds are positioned across the trailer.

What makes you feel dizzy is the selection of all Fendt trailer variants. To make them easier to find out, we have prepared a brief summary of the basic information.

Comparison of FENDT trailers:

Saphir - L: 677 - 772 cm, 18 variants, from 18,490 euro

Bianco - length: 602 - 722 cm, 7 variants, from 16,290 euro

Selection - length: 602 - 722 cm, 7 variants, from 16,290 euro

Sportivo - length: 607 cm, 1 variant, from 17,390 euros

Opal - length: 703 - 861 cm, 12 variants, from 20,490 euro

Tendenza - length: 703 - 751 cm, 3 variants + 1 special edition, from 20,590 euro

Diamant - length: 751 - 772 cm, 3 variants, from 29,190 euro

Brillant - L: 893 - 934 cm, 2 variants, from 41,690 euro

FENDT trailers - in 2015 with a new front – image 1
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FENDT trailers - in 2015 with a new front – image 3
FENDT trailers - in 2015 with a new front – image 4

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