Fiat believes in the future of camper vans

Fiat believes in the future of camper vans – main image

Fiat decided to take advantage of the fact that the Ducato is the most popular base for motorhomes and prepared its own vision of a tourist car called 4x4 Expedition. The effect is very interesting.

The manufacturer approached the matter professionally and invited several companies to cooperate with the construction of his studio motorhome. Tecnoform took care of recreational equipment, Dangel - four-wheel drive, and Olmedo is a company that took care of the proper exterior appearance of the Ducato 4x4 Expedition version.

The common goal was to create a vehicle that would meet the needs of active, dynamic people - those who sometimes like to leave the highway and go crazy in more difficult terrain. Such customers need a car that is agile, but powerful and spacious at the same time .

Fiat does not hide that it also had another goal. The idea was to draw the attention of the media and the drivers themselves to the category of camper-van vehicles, which currently account for 25% of the caravanning market in Europe . Everything indicates that this category of vehicles will be more and more popular, so it is worth probing the market and collecting reactions from potential customers.

Terrible on the outside - elegant on the inside

From the outside, the Ducato Expedition is distinguished by two colors in shades of gray, as well as a raised and widened body. Attention is drawn to the metal engine cover and winch at the front , as well as the roof with additional off-road lighting, spare wheel, shovel and space for additional equipment. If necessary, you can climb onto the roof.

Before we go inside the motorhome, we can get the impression that we are dealing with a purebred off-roader. But as soon as we cross its threshold, we will find ourselves in an elegant living room decorated in line with current trends.

The interior is ruled by straight lines and white. Furniture tops are aesthetic covers with hidden compartments and some appliances. Therefore, when entering the motorhome, you will not notice the sink, tap or heating plate that have been hidden.

Two bedrooms and a shower

It is worth noting that although we are dealing with a camper van, i.e. a vehicle of quite compact dimensions, it has been possible to find a place for a shower cubicle in it, and the roller shutter, which is the door of the bathroom part, can divide the interior into a living area and a seating area. .

There was also a large bed , which when unfolded takes up the entire width of the vehicle. You can easily assume that three people will fit comfortably on it.

The armchairs also look very comfortable. The front ones can be turned and turned rearward-facing to eat and chat with the passengers on the other side of the table.

Everything for show

Tecnoform built the lighting elements into the furniture, took care of a modern audio system with an extensive sound system and installed two pull-out televisions . The motorhome has a place for many switches and power sockets. The equipment of this model includes, among others tablet holder, USB socket and Uconnect TM NAV multimedia system with touch screen, radio and navigation .

The Fiat Ducato 4x4 Expedition is equipped with a 2.3 liter engine with 150 HP . The camper features a permanent four-wheel drive with a viscous clutch. The car's off-road capabilities are also influenced by widened tires and a raised suspension.

Unfortunately, the Ducato 4x4 Expedition is only a show vehicle that will not go into production. It's a pity, because the model seems very successful. There is only hope that this car will become an inspiration for other motorhome manufacturers.

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