Forster I726 VB - a motorhome for a family of six

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The Forster I726 VB is one of those motorhomes that we were particularly interested in during the Caravan Salon 2017 in Düsseldorf. In the mass of similar camping vehicles, the integrated motorhome of the German brand is very positively distinguished by both the appearance and the unusual layout of the interior.

The front with large headlights and a streamlined hood , devoid of the "grill" typical of Fiat Ducato, are the hallmarks of all integrated motorhomes by Forster, owned by another well-known manufacturer of touring vehicles - Eura Mobil . At the rear, there are two rows of narrow LED lights, arranged parallel to the road.


We will also recognize Forster by its white and green colors. The brand name comes from the name of the naturalist Georg Forster , and the green accents are to remind us that we are dealing with a vehicle for people who love contact with nature.

With bunk beds

However, something else caught our attention - the side door, which was located almost at the end of the vehicle . Why so far? Well, we are dealing with a vehicle designed for six people, and this forced a specific interior layout . In the I726 VB model, we can find as many as six beds and, what is worth emphasizing, six seats equipped with safety belts.

On the left side of the entrance, there are two single beds arranged in bunks. Interestingly, both the person sleeping upstairs and downstairs has their own openable window . There are also curtains next to the beds, which can separate from the rest of the motorhome, and all windows on the deck are equipped with blinds .

Interesting cuisine

Exactly opposite the entrance there is a bathroom - with a toilet part, a washbasin and a shower. There is also a mirror and a small (tilt) window. To the right of the entrance you will find a tall wardrobe that can even accommodate long coats.

The kitchen adjoins the wardrobe - set at an unusual angle . In fact, it can be said that the kitchen somehow "spills" over the center of the vehicle. As a result, as we go deeper into the car, we can get the impression that the interior is getting narrower and narrower.


The table top, slightly resembling the letter "L", is quite large and has an elegant finish. The drawers are equipped with an automatic, silent closing function. There is another window above the table top. Opposite the window there is a capacious refrigerator (165 l) with a separate freezer , and above it you will find a cupboard and a free chamber that can be used, for example, for a microwave.

You can rest

Further behind the kitchen you will find a seating area that looks like a spacious living room with comfortable sofas and a table. The very large side windows in this part are also noteworthy. We should not complain about the lack of natural light in this motorhome!

The corner can be transformed into a double bed - so two more people can sleep in here. For the third couple, a drop- down bed is provided, adjacent to the ceiling during the day.

A family integra at the price of an "average"

Finally, basic technical information. The car is 726 cm long , 235 cm wide and 289 cm high. The fresh water tank has a capacity of 110 liters, the waste water tank - 135 liters.

The mass of the vehicle in running order is 2,975 kg. To load it to the maximum permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes, just over 500 kg is enough. And this means that the passengers do not have to be sumo riders in order for their luggage to be left outside ... For this reason, this motorhome is a proposal for families with children rather than for six adults with luggage.

Forster I726 VB has a modern structure based on glass fibers . GFK material was used both in the construction of the roof, floor and walls. Thanks to this, the manufacturer was able to provide a 5-year warranty on the tightness of the building.

The basic price of this vehicle in Germany is approx. PLN 60 thousand. euro . For this price, however, we get an interestingly designed and fully integrated motorhome for a family of 6. And let us remind you that we would have to pay the same, for example, for a semi-integrated 4-person motorhome of a well-known brand such as Hymer or Hobby. The possibility of purchasing an "integrated" such as the Forster at a comparable price will certainly give many customers food for thought before making a final decision.

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