France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand

France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand – main image

I can't believe how fast time flies. When writing about modern vehicles participating in the current equipment and design "arms race", I often forget the long history and heritage of some manufacturers. Pilote is another important precursor that has had a significant impact on the development of the entire industry.

Looking at the illustrations of the first caravan and motorhome constructions, it is hard to resist the impression that they were cars with a soul, and the emerging fashion for caravanning must have been a magical period. At the beginning, caravans were the core of production - until 1983. In the meantime, in 1978, the production of motorhomes was started, which to this day are the main subject of activity. In 1990, Pilote takes over Frankia, another precursor and brand that invented the concept of a double floor in recreational vehicles.

France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand – image 1

In the following years, acquisitions of other brands increase the potential of the entire group and allow it to go out into the open, while confidently developing many segments of the caravanning market. Currently, the number of distributors reaches 300 points worldwide, and (interestingly) the group is still a 100% family business.

Pilote - a special brand

France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand – image 2

60 years is a long time. Despite its passage, the Pilote group has never allowed the brand to be associated with cheap large-series constructions. Respected in the most important Western European markets, in terms of technological solutions and innovations, always walking ahead of the competition and focusing on the highest level of service through partners all over Europe - this is the Pilote brand nowadays. Currently, the brand's portfolio includes:
22 semi-integrated motorhome layouts
11 fully integrated vehicle systems
2 compact campervans
11 motorhome proposals based on "tin cans"
The model portfolio is truly stunning and is your guarantee of finding the right model for every need. It is easy to get lost in the maze of markings and names of individual variants. We recommend the Pilote model guide -

About the Pilote group

The French-based Pilote Group currently manages several brands, each with its own DNA and targeting a slightly different group of customers. In addition to the Pilote, we can find the well-known and prestigious Frankia, French ultra-luxurious LeVoyageur cruisers, the popular Bavaria, the Mooveo brand operating mainly in Germany, as well as the manufacturer Hanroad, which builds small buses. The group has about 900 employees and is responsible for sales of less than 6,000 motorhomes annually.
It remains for us to congratulate Pilote on the round jubilee and wish customer satisfaction and conquer many markets and the hearts of motorhome enthusiasts.

In Poland, the manufacturer has been represented by the CarGO group for many years! In addition to the headquarters in Poznań, the company has branches in Warsaw, Wejherowo and Białystok. The current offer of vehicles can be found here:

France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand – image 1
France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand – image 2
France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand – image 3
France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand – image 4
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