Frankia Neo now also as an integrated up to 3.5 tons!

Frankia Neo integra

Manufacturers from the premium segment specializing in really large vehicles for demanding customers for several years are increasingly reaching for more pieces of the caravanning "cake" (read the market), also trying to hit the tastes (and wallets) of fans of motorhomes in the weight category up to 3.5 tons. 3 years ago Frankia presented her first half-integrated design, which was to fight bravely in this weight class - Neo (because it was the name that was given to this model series) turned out to be a bull's eye. We wrote about the half-integrated Frankia Neo based on the Mercedes Sprinter HERE .

The last two years have been a real boom and a lot of orders from everyone - also in the Pilote group, to which Frankia belongs. However, the German manufacture did not rest on its laurels and (although we do not know to what extent it was inspired by the movements of other manufacturers, such as Niesmann & Bischoff), it set itself the goal of trying its hand at the market of integrated, lightweight premium motorhomes.

Frankia NEO MI 7 - a light alternative for lovers of luxury

Under the somewhat mysterious-sounding model designation, there are two systems of fully integrated cars with a length of around 7 meters. The BD model is a version with a cross-positioned double bed at the back (total length: 688 cm), and GDK, in turn, separate beds placed longitudinally (total length: 705 cm). The designers' goal was to create motorhomes for 2-4 people (both models can be optionally equipped with drop-down beds at the front), but in the weight class up to 3.5 tons, while maintaining the "lifetime" load capacity. The total height of the vehicles is 296 cm, the width is 224 cm, and the inside clearance from the floor to the ceiling is 200 cm.
The weight of the NEO integrated ready for the road is 3070 kg, and it was possible to achieve this value with the already large dimensions of the car by combining a simple, yet effective design and slimmer construction solutions. On the one hand, the resignation of the driver's door in the basic version reduces the weight, allows to exclude a thermal bridge, and also improves the “alignment” of the living space. The interior volume in combination with bright accents and glazing seems to be impressive. Additionally, resignation from tall wardrobes intensifies this effect.
When deciding on the new Frankii integra, you should absolutely remember about the weight limits - if you decide on the optional lowered bed in the front, awning or roof air conditioning, the reserves will decrease quite quickly.

A very thoughtful and practical idea for a bathroom should be praised - a sliding toilet and a washbasin allow you to create a fully functional, full-size shower cubicle. Opposite the bathroom there is a kitchen block with a 2-burner gas stove and a sink. The worktop is not monstrous (and does not have a retractable worktop like the big brothers), but a place for dishes and kitchen utensils that must be at hand will be on the worktop above the raised refrigerator.

Body "made to measure"

The basis for the new models is the 150 HP Mercedes Benz Sprinter. As the structure of the entire vehicle differs significantly from the larger models, the entire front of the body is a proprietary, dedicated solution. The design is attractive, and at the same time, we managed to skillfully "hide" sensor systems and assistance systems - we do not have to give up any amenities that an optional star car offers us.

Of course, we can also order and register a vehicle with an increased GVM of 4.5 tons - then the reserves in terms of capacity will be greater. Considering the large trunk, known from Franka, which can be accessed from the side and rear, we have a lot of space for all luggage and equipment.

Many detailed technical data and detailed prices of versions and equipment will be known only after the fair in Düsseldorf, but the integrated Frankia NEO will certainly "mess" in many European markets, following the footsteps of its half-integrated sister.

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