Frankia Platin I8400GD - 858 centimeters of happiness

Frankia Platin I8400GD - 858 centimeters of happiness – main image

The German brand Frankia, belonging to the Pilote group, is not a product for the masses, and not only because of the price. Attention to quality and every detail determine the production targets here. It is largely due to the consistent implementation of the quality-over-quantity strategy that the brand has become synonymous with the premium class, and the waiting time is now (adequately to the situation) several to several months. For several years, we have been following the development of Frankia in Poland and we are glad that it has become a permanent fixture in our country. Of course, the first association will always be large integrals significantly exceeding the GVM of 3.5 tons, which are the lion's share of the production.

Today we will show you how to configure an uncompromising house on wheels - we were inspired by a copy offered by the official importer - CarGO! from Poznan.

Beautiful from the outside

Frankia Platin I8400GD - 858 centimeters of happiness – image 1

Based on the latest Mercedes Sprinter, the beauty has the right dimensions - 858 cm long, 230 cm wide and 323 cm high. The permissible total weight is 5.5 tons - we do not have to worry about reserves in terms of load capacity or additional equipment. The Platin version is characterized by an unusual "champagne" body color. From the outside, attention is also drawn to proprietary design solutions, after all, it is an integrated unit and Frankia herself is largely responsible for the design of the "kennel".

The front grille is by no means exaggerated (compared to, for example, Carthago), yet it beautifully displays the centrally placed "star" - the hallmark of the base car manufacturer. Road lights, indicators and rear bumper lighting (all in LED technology) from Mercedes and Hella - this is a guarantee of the highest safety standards and excellent parameters characteristic of the premium class. The anthracite, 5.5-meter awning with an integrated LED strip fits perfectly with the bright body and adds character.

Driving like in the clouds

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It is a heavenly pleasure to ride, or in fact levitate in Frankia. 190 HP and a flawless 9-speed automatic transmission are a guarantee of smooth and (when necessary) dynamic driving. Transferring the drive to the rear of the vehicle definitely facilitates winter travel. Systems and systems are plentiful (ABS, traction control, brake force distribution, ESP, Hill Climb Assist). The front suspension is equipped with FSD shock absorbers, and the rear has full air suspension. We will not only easily overcome any unevenness on the route, but also raise the rear, for example, when climbing hills or entering ferries.

On the other hand, we have a HPC pneumatic support system at our disposal - without it, stabilization and leveling of such a colossus may prove to be a difficult task. The driver is to have the impression that everything is under control and have a feeling of uncompromising safety. Even when parking, we have a full picture of the situation around the motorhome - the birdview camera will show us everything in the full 360 degrees.

Premium space and independence

The external dimensions may indicate the volume inside and indeed, after entering the motorhome, the doors of the palace on wheels open to us. The effect of space is enhanced by bright upholstery and numerous windows and skylights. At the front - classically - we are welcomed by a living room, a spacious and ergonomically organized living room. A huge "L" -shaped couch with a long couch opposite on the other side and additionally rotating aircraft seats that turn from the driver's seat give you plenty of space to feast and relax. Of course, there is a place for a foldable 2-person bed above the living room.

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Further towards the rear there is a kitchen with a pull-out worktop and perfectly placed cupboards and drawers. Very often, customers are finally convinced in the case of Frankia (among other details) with the kitchen layout and access to storage / garage. There is plenty of storage space in this cruiser - the double, heated floor offers plenty of space for all your holiday gear and provisions. Importantly, in front of the kitchen block you will find a large refrigerator with a separate infectious agent and an oven, and right next to it, a huge wardrobe for clothes - this is an important element that, due to the lack of space, is often lacking in motorhomes below 8 m.

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The rear part of the motorhome is a bathing room, where we can close ourselves in peace and take a shower. Heated floor, heater, huge shower cubicle and full freedom of movement - what more could you want? Oh yeah ... heating for every season - including the glycol-based ALDE 3020 system and a dedicated fan in the cab, we have a complete set of solutions that ensure our thermal comfort.

Frankia - the details matter

Someone may say: a motorhome, like a motorhome ... But what actually distinguishes Frankia from the competition? The answer is: many important, but also seemingly trivial solutions and details. Ergonomics and design are one thing, but also technologically Frankia has many unconventional, but proven solutions. The aforementioned garage is practical, to which we gain access through the hatch at the rear of the vehicle and on one of the sides. This significantly facilitates both the loading and securing of the transported equipment. For years, the brand has been a kind of benchmark for many manufacturers from the premium segment in the field of, for example, electrical installation solutions. And so we have a tailor-made "switchgear" and automation from the top Büttner brand (including a converter and solar control).

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Independence will be ensured by 2 LiFePO4 batteries, 110Ah each, and 4 solar panels with a capacity of 110W each. We can take up to 270 liters of clean water on board, while the gray tank is 130 liters. As standard, the manufacturer adds an additional cassette to the Thetford toilet. In conjunction with the 93-liter tank, you can manage without service stops for a while.

Frankia is not, as we have already noticed, a car for the masses. However, judging by the technical condition of the few "stimulants" appearing on the secondary market, it is an investment for long (really long) years. Modern design and thoughtful equipment. Whoever has a budget of up to a million Polish zlotys (net of course) should not be indifferent to this miracle. We are currently testing a car of this brand, and our initial delight turned out to be fully justified. The representative of the Pilote group and the Frankia brand is CarGO! - current vehicle offer:


Frankia Platin I8400GD - 858 centimeters of happiness – image 1
Frankia Platin I8400GD - 858 centimeters of happiness – image 2
Frankia Platin I8400GD - 858 centimeters of happiness – image 3
Frankia Platin I8400GD - 858 centimeters of happiness – image 4
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