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The German Hymer has always been a pioneer in the use of vehicles under the sign of the star in its buildings - after all, as the only motorhome manufacturer, it was honored to discover many secrets, as well as to create, together with Mercedes, an integrated system for monitoring and managing the on-board functions of the base car and the bodywork - we wrote about it here: Hymer Connect application - everything under control .

The series of semi-integrated TRAMP motorhomes includes 3 layouts, the most compact and latest offering being the S585. Measuring 709 cm in length and 296 cm in height, the vehicle is normally delivered on the Mercedes Sprinter 315 CDI platform with a GVW of 3,500 kg (power 150 HP) and homologation for 2 people.

Optionally, you can order a car on the 415 / 417 CDI chassis with a maximum permissible weight of up to 4,200 kg. The curb weight in the basic configuration is approx. 2960 kg, which with a GVW of 3500 kg leaves the payload quite typical for this category.

Hymer Tramp - for couples and families


At first glance, it is a very comfortable proposition for two - we have separate beds in the back with the possibility of joining them. Access to them is very comfortable (stairs). Under the beds you will find wardrobes, and above them on the sides of the cabinets and around the lockers. The space for the head is sufficient, and the ability to charge mobile devices while sleeping and a reading lamp are very practical solutions. Indirect LED lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in the interior.

Alternatively, when the GVW is increased , additional sleeping places can be integrated in the interior - a drop-down bed in the front and optional sleeping in the living room together with additional driving places create an opportunity to relax for the whole 5-person family.


This agile integrated, despite its compact dimensions, will provide us with a large dose of independence (110 l of clean water, standard 95 Ah battery) and excellent thermal insulation. In terms of heating, we have several variants of 6 kW furnaces to choose from - from gas with electric support to diesel fuel.

In the case of gas power, we will find an absorption refrigerator on board, and a compressor refrigerator for diesel. This solution saves the weight of the cylinder and increases the luggage space. Of course, there are 2.75 kg cylinders that power the gas cooker and possibly the oven.

Comfort in a small space


The new solution emphasized in the marketing message is a sanitary module with a folding wall. In the bathroom, after folding the wall on the hinge, we use the shower or toilet and sink.

The garage is equipped with lighting, as well as a large service hatch on the right and a smaller one on the left. Its capacity is large, and the possible load is 350-450 kg (depending on the chassis variant), while, of course, the axle loads must be strictly observed. Mounting rails with handles are also standard.

Hymer Tramp S585 - a semi-integrator that has everything

The place for the TV set will be right on the left next to the entrance, and up to 6 people can comfortably sit at the table. In the kitchen, although the size of the worktop is not overwhelming, the cover of the sink or cooker can always be used as a space for storing meals.

An uncommon solution is the use of a tall wardrobe that is difficult to integrate in such a small space - it is narrow here, but it certainly makes life easier and allows you to easily get to the hangers. Curiosities include the possibility of replacing the double steel blade on the rear axle with a fiberglass blade, which saves 16 kg on the weight of the car.

By choosing a semi-integrated car from this renowned German manufacturer based on the excellent Mercedes, we will make the right and reasonable decision - these cars drive brilliantly, and the multitude of the latest assistance and safety systems is impressive.

Hymer Poznań is the official representative of the Hymer brand. Full offer and scope of services provided on the website: hymerpoznan.pl

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