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Camping by Mercedes? Why not? It is a rarity in the caravanning industry, but the Hymer Van S 520 is a motorhome built on the basis of the Mercedes Sprinter.

In the basic version, the gross vehicle weight (GVM) of this vehicle is 3.5 tons , but if you have a truck license, consider the version with a GVM of 3,880 kg or 4,200 kg . With a higher GVW, of course, the advantage will be a higher load capacity - not 630 kg, as in the standard version, but 1.010 or 1.330 kg, and then we can pack a lot on board.

The relatively powerful engine can be considered a big plus. The 2.2-liter unit is already fitted as standard and produces 143 hp . This should be enough to travel with this motorhome relatively stress-free, both in the city and on the road. If this is not enough for someone, there are still 163 HP and 190 HP engines to choose from.

Small dimensions - easy driving

The semi-integrated Hymer Van S measures 6.36 m . Its width is 2.22 m and the height - 2.90 m. On paper it does not look bad, especially if we read that four people can travel by car. Unfortunately, after a closer look at the interior layout, we quickly come to the conclusion that in terms of spaciousness, there is no "madness". As a consolation, we are left with the aesthetic design and good quality finishing materials. We can choose from several types of upholstery in light, beige colors and two types of furniture veneers.


A heating system with a power of 4000 W is installed as standard, which, according to the manufacturer, generates a sufficient amount of heat. The interior lighting uses LED technology. An iNet LCD control panel with a timer is also fitted as standard - this allows for individual adjustment of various settings, e.g. heating and water temperature.

The waste water tank is insulated and heated. The motorhome is also equipped with an electric discharge of pollutants from the sewage tank as standard.

A flat on a micro scale

The car houses a dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and various types of lockers and wardrobes. The advantage is the well-lit lounge and dining area , which we owe to three windows in this part. Integrated with the window, the double roller blind is used both to shade the interior and protect against insects.

During the stop, the seats turn into comfortable armchairs and sofas, and thanks to the possibility of extending the table top, we can enlarge the table and adapt it to our needs. There is also an additional foldable top next to the gas cooker, but it must be admitted that without it there would be no place to cut bread or vegetables.


There is a drawer for cutlery and kitchen utensils under the single-chamber sink and the two-burner stove. We store food and drinks in an 85-liter refrigerator , but we have to bend down to it quite a bit, because it is placed under the drawer with kitchen utensils. Next to the refrigerator, there is a pull-out pantry, i.e. a place for pasta, cereals or things that do not require cooling. The manufacturer also thought about a cloth holder.

There is a low shelf above the driver and passenger seats in the kitchen area. There is also a lockable compartment under the ceiling in the dining room. In addition, we can hide smaller items in a hiding place under the armchair. We will put the remaining luggage in the mini-garage , and some clothes can be hung in ... the bathroom. Exactly! The manufacturer thought about the double function of the house of cleanliness, which, thanks to the clothes hanger, can turn into a wardrobe.

An important advantage of the bathroom is the skylight , which has a positive effect on lighting, and also optically enlarges the space. In addition, the window provides ventilation. In the bathroom you will find a shelf with a mirror, a toilet and a foldable washbasin. Unfortunately, although there is a paddling pool, there is no shower . It can be ordered at an additional cost, but then it will be installed in the garage (as an outdoor shower).

A bedroom for a "quarreling" couple

Passing the bathroom and the kitchen, we go to the bedroom. This one consists of two separate, single beds . Theoretically, this is how many places to sleep are counted by a car. Between them, we can also place a large pillow and thus gain additional space. However, only a very young child can sleep there.

Another place to sleep can be arranged in the dining area by connecting the driver's seat and the couch with an additional pillow. In this way, we can obtain a sleeping place with dimensions of approximately 162 x 72 cm. So also this place will not be enough for an adult.


There are shelves above the beds in the sleeping area. There are also wardrobes next to the beds. A 25 cm wide recess between the kitchen block and the bedroom was also cleverly adapted to this function. The manufacturer has placed a storage space even under the stairs leading to the beds, although at most a pair of shoes will fit there.

Nice, comfortable, but for two

Powerful engines and an aesthetic interior can make traveling in this vehicle, as well as spending the night in it, very pleasant. In addition, the star on the "grill" will add a bit of prestige. However, it is hard not to notice that the interior is simply cramped and not even compensated by numerous compartments. The mini-garage is a big advantage, but it will not replace the space inside the vehicle. The downside is also the shower, or rather the lack of it.


In our opinion, the car is a typical example of a car for a couple . At best, this motorhome can travel with one child in preschool or early school age (until he grows up), perhaps also with an infant.

However, it all depends on the needs. For two people who want to travel comfortably, the Hymer Van S 520 has a chance to meet their expectations. According to the manufacturer's catalog, this motorhome costs about 61 thousand. euro (German suggested retail price). In Poland, you can find out more about the details at the Elcamp company in Krakow. There you can also place an order for any Hymer model.

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