Karmann Dexter 560 - 4x4 camper for every adventure

Karmann Dexter 560 - 4x4 camper for every adventure – main image

The Karmann Mobil collection in the Davis and Dexter series includes many interesting campervans based on the Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit. Among them there are also two raisins with 4-wheel drive - today we will look at the Dexter 560 4x4 model.

From the outside, the car doesn't look very predatory, and at first glance it resembles a traditional, comfortable camper. Its length of 598 cm makes it easy to handle in traffic and during camping maneuvers.

The height of 278 cm makes it the highest model in the Karmann portfolio - it is as much as 13 cm higher than the equivalents mounted on Ducato. Thanks to this, the interior clearance from floor to ceiling is as much as 197 cm - this is good news, especially for tall users.

The car's gross vehicle weight is 3,500 kg and its curb weight in running order is 3,154 kg. This is not a small amount, but this value clearly results from the type of drive used. The weight of the trailer is impressive - on the hook we have as much as 2,800 kg!

Ford Transit – a successful base for a camper and good equipment

The interior of the camper cockpit is pleasant - apart from that, the Ford is a good base ensuring good driving dynamics and a high level of active and passive safety. The standard drive unit has 130 horsepower, and the option provides up to 170 horsepower.

The list of additional equipment includes several visual details that will give the car a more "off-road" character. These include, for example, tires with off-road tread and front bumper piping.

As standard, the Dexter 560 4x4 is equipped with a tank with a capacity of 75 liters and a 24-liter Adblue tank. 80 liters of clean water and 60 liters of gray water is sufficient for the target group, which will probably be active people who move frequently.

All tanks are of course insulated, so the camper can be safely used in winter. The capacity of the lithium-ion on-board battery is a respectable 100 Ah. A 4kW diesel fuel furnace will provide pleasant heat, of course equipped with a hot water boiler and pressurized water installation.

Proven interior layout of the camper

Karmann Dexter 560 - 4x4 camper for every adventure – image 1

The interior layout is classic, but very practical. Access to the interior is facilitated by an electric entry step. The camper takes a total of 4 people on board (that's how many 3-point seat belts we have here) and the same number will sit at the table in the living room.

The driver and passenger seats are, of course, equipped with swivels. The dining table slides out, making it easier to get to and from the cab.

In the kitchen, a 70-liter refrigerator with side access, a 2-burner stove and a sink, cabinets and drawers - the space was used as efficiently as possible.

The bathroom has a shower separated by a curtain, with a toilet and washbasin right next to it. Lamella sliding doors ensure the tightness of the sanitary module.

At the very end there is a double bed, around which there are several wardrobes and luggage lockers. The dimensions of the bed are 189x137 cm. Interestingly, they can be folded in half to transport larger equipment and/or bicycles.

Karmann Dexter 560 - 4x4 camper for every adventure – image 2

Optionally, you can order a bed for a third person - transforming the sofa in the living room allows you to get a sleeping area of 172x108 cm, but it is rather an "alternative" bed and more for a child.

The degree of insulation and the advanced heating system combined with the 4-wheel drive guarantee trouble-free use in winter conditions. This will be an interesting proposition for all those looking for excitement on and off-road.

The authorized representative and service partner of the Karmann Mobil brand is ACK from Kędzierzyn-Koźle .

Kamper Karmann-Mobil Dexter 560 4x4 ©Karmann-Mobil
Kamper Karmann-Mobil Dexter 560 4x4 ©Karmann-Mobil
Kamper Karmann-Mobil Dexter 560 4x4 ©Karmann-Mobil
Kamper Karmann-Mobil Dexter 560 4x4 ©Karmann-Mobil
This article was prepared in cooperation with ACK
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