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What takes the most space in a motorhome? Probably armchairs! What if their number was limited to two? This is what the designers of the Dexter Go! 600.

Most motorhomes are planned for two parents and two children. Subsequently, further versions are prepared, with more or less passengers in mind. Karmann reversed that approach. He prepared a camping car based on a van, intended from the beginning as a car for two.

Two seats must be enough

In this motorhome, we will not find a couch or a bench added to the table. Instead, there is a fold-out table top attached to the seats in the driver's and passenger's cabin. To get a bite, simply turn the seats 180 degrees.

Dexter Go! The 600 has two separate beds at the rear of the cabin. They were designed as fixed beds (with dimensions of 1,960 mm x 1,030 mm or 1,900 mm x 930 mm), but they can also be folded down by placing the mattresses against the side walls, e.g. if there is a need to transport large items (e.g. bicycles). The beds can be mounted along the direction of travel or transversely .

There is a wedge-shaped space between the armchairs and the bed. It is not large, but we are talking about a van with a relatively short length - its total length is 5.99 m .

The toilet part (with a shower tray as a floor) is located in the middle of the vehicle, opposite the kitchenette. The disadvantage of the adopted interior layout is that the table is adjacent to the bathroom wall, instead of connecting to the kitchen. If it were the other way around, the countertop could be good not only for eating, but also for cooking.

Large tanks as standard

The basic price of the car in Germany is 39,990 euros . The standard equipment includes an 80-liter refrigerator, a heated water and sewage tank (100 liters each) and a Truma Combi 4 heating system. A large wardrobe, storage compartments under the beds, a 2-burner gas stove and a 10-liter boiler are also available. .

The basis for the Dexter Go! 600 is a Fiat Ducato with a 115hp engine (more powerful versions are available on request). The maximum permissible total weight is 3.5 tonnes.

Other variants

Dexter also offers two other versions of the Go! The 560 version is based on the Ford Transit with a length of 5,680 mm (2.2 TDCI engine with 125 HP). The basis for the 620 variant is a Renault Master (2.3 dCi engine with 125 HP) with a length of 6,198 mm. Both versions have an additional third bed at the front of the vehicle.

In the case of Dexter Go! so you can choose not only the type of equipment and power unit, but even the car brand. This is a big plus of the Karmann brand offer.

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