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Before we set off on a coveted camping trip, let's check if we have everything. We certainly should not forget about the appropriate kitchen equipment.

We'll probably be able to buy what's on the plate on the way. But what about the dishes and cutlery themselves? It is better to take care of them in advance.


When choosing the right plates, bowls, cups or glasses, it is best to choose those that will be light and resistant to damage. Therefore, glassware tends to fall off. Those made of melamine or other materials will be better. However, it is necessary to check whether they have the appropriate approvals, so that eating a meal from a camping plate does not have a negative impact on health.

Some manufacturers also provide information on the temperature that the dishes are able to withstand. This is important if you are going to heat food. If you want to use a microwave oven, you need to check whether the material is prepared for such use.

The most convenient cutlery will be made of stainless steel, but to save some weight, you can choose those with handles made of plastic. In this respect, customers have a large selection of patterns and colors.

We can also choose plastic cutlery, including disposable cutlery, but it is unlikely to be a convenient solution.

Besides dishes, food containers can also come in handy - lightweight boxes can be a good way to store small supplies of food that doesn't need to be in the refrigerator. Exactly - what about the refrigerator?


In new motorhomes and caravans, it is usually standard. However, if such a basic device is missing, you can buy it. A refrigerator with a capacity of approx. 100 liters can, however, cost more than 4,000. zloty. We will pay much less for a tourist refrigerator with a capacity of 20 to 50 liters.

A good-class small refrigerator may have an electronic control panel, touch control panel, and its important advantage should be energy efficiency. Such refrigerators maintain the temperature in the range of 1-15 degrees C. They often have the option of heating up to 60-65 degrees C.

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In the case of branded products, you have to take into account the prices of PLN 700-1000. Cheap refrigerators from China can be purchased on Allegro for less than PLN 200.

When making your choice, you definitely need to pay attention to how the refrigerator is powered. There are many possibilities. Such cooling equipment may require 12V, 24V, 230V, it can also be powered by gas. Most refrigerators have switches that allow them to be powered in several ways (at least 12V / 230V).

1001 little things

Dishes and a refrigerator are not everything, however. It is worth taking care of practical little things that will make it easier for us to store the dishes. For example, a container for dishes with large recesses, into which you can put dishes of various sizes, and a dish holder that allows you to easily hold dishes (e.g. a stack of plates) by pressing them from the top, may be useful. Thanks to this, even while the vehicle is moving, the dishes will be safe.

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The absolute "must-have" should be items such as a dish dryer (it can be folded), a garbage can, a pot made of aluminum (or other light material), a folding table and chairs. Also, do not forget about the chemicals to keep our camping kitchen clean. Appliances such as a kettle and a coffee machine can also be useful. It will be important not only that they have a 230V / 12V voltage switch, but also that they have not very high power (e.g. 450 W).

A device for non-contact hand disinfection can be considered a non-essential item, although it is difficult to deny its usefulness. Such a gadget, depending on the model, requires an expense of 1-4 thousand. zloty.

Kitchen essentials – image 1
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