Knaus Deseo 2018 - the revolution continues

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Last year, the biggest novelty of the Knaus brand was the Travelino caravan. This year, during the fair in Dusseldorf, the almost completely new Deseo caravan will be shown. From 2018, it will use its older brother's design solutions.

It is hard to deny that the current version of Deseo is innovative. The uniqueness of this caravan was expressed both in the modern design, exceptionally angular form and functionality. It was one of the few tourist vehicles on the market, prepared both for the transport of goods and for temporary accommodation . These last features are the basic distinguishing feature of Deseo - also in the 2018 version.

Dynamics and flexibility

The new version of the trailer looks very modern. Even though it is angular, it seems more dynamic thanks to various embossing. It will surely be difficult to confuse with any other caravan.

Particularly eye-catching is the tailgate (made of a double layer of GRP material), which forms the entire rear wall of the vehicle! And this will be the most important change, noticeable in everyday use - because inserting a quad or two motorcycles inside will be even more convenient. Interestingly, as an option, the rear hatch can be used as a roof for the vestibule behind the trailer.


Transporting sports equipment is possible thanks to folding beds - one is on the floor (2 x 1.4 m), the other is lowered from the ceiling. With unfolded furniture, the caravan can accommodate up to four people. However, for transport, the furniture can be folded up in no time, creating a lot of free space.


The furniture itself was also used as much as possible. For example, the TV set is hidden in the table top , and at our request it simply slides upwards. The pouffes, on the other hand, serve as both seats and compartments for small items.

A simple, but very practical container with cutlery compartments , placed between the kitchen worktop and the window, may delight. It is also worth paying attention to the bathroom - although tiny, it contains everything it should have, including a washbasin in the form of a gutter.

It is also known that the trailer will be equipped with a 45-liter water tank , easy to fill from the outside (access through the front hatch). The waste container can also be removed from the outside.

Revolutionary design

What is most important, however, is invisible to the eyes. Thanks to the Fiber-Frame technology, the manufacturer managed to maintain a light structure with high strength.

The chassis is made of a lightweight A-shaped frame. The body is self-supporting. They are made of reinforced glass fibers, which, apart from being light, provide the vehicle with sufficiently high stability that the furniture does not have to be stiffening .

As a result, it was possible to design the interior more flexibly, and the furniture could be made with the use of lightweight polypropylene foam .

Let us also quote the basic numbers. The trailer measures 599 cm and its permissible total weight is 1500 kg. The outer width is 230 cm, and in the middle - 216 cm. The trailer is quite tall - it measures 258 cm from the outside and 196 cm from the inside. The most important parameter, however, will be the weight of the vehicle, and this parameter has not yet been disclosed.

Vision and consistency

Deseo's success will certainly be influenced by the fact that it looks simply fresh - both inside and out. The concept of space arrangement is completely different here than in the vast majority of camping vehicles.

However, this is just the beginning, as Knaus has a vision that he intends to consistently develop. After Travelino, it's time for Deseo, and that's not the end of it. Now, looking at the drawings sketched by designers, we can imagine the direction in which the style of Knaus caravans will change.


What about the Deseo price? This is supposed to start with approx. 20 thousand. euro . Its attractiveness, however, will largely depend on the yet unknown scope of standard and additional equipment.

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