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The Knaus company, which has been present on the caravanning market for years, refreshes its range every year, often focusing on innovative solutions. In addition to vehicles equipped with the above-mentioned innovative amenities, Bavarians also offer classic motorhomes.

Among the Knaus products, the Sky Traveler model deserves special attention, available in three configurations, measuring from 561 to 699 cm . Dedicated to a slightly more demanding clientele, the vehicle is created using the Fiat Ducato chassis. The offer includes a choice of three engine versions, generating 115-180 HP .

Interior for up to 6 people

While the basic Knaus constructions are designed for 2-3 people, the Sky Traveler presented here will easily provide accommodation and a place for even a six-person crew. The basic 500 D and the slightly larger 600 DKG have six seats, but the bedrooms can only accommodate four of them. The largest variant of the 650 DG SL, built for six people, looks much better in this respect. What's more - each of the above-mentioned varieties has a functional alcove above the driver's compartment, equipped with a small roof window.

Of course, when configuring a dream vacation vehicle, the customer can choose from a wide range of upholstery - both fabrics and patterns. The appearance of other interior finishing elements, ranging from color to the texture of the furniture, also depends on the buyer's preferences. No wonder that each vehicle that leaves the German factory is unique.

The quality and equipment of the motorhome

Knaus, as a German manufacturer with state approvals, attaches great importance to the quality and diligence of workmanship. Of course, the finishing materials for the seating area are not of the highest quality, but even after several seasons of intensive use, we will not be able to hear any disturbing squeaks and creaks. The only drawback of the interior of the Sky Traveler model, visible at first glance, is the very limited size of the shower cubicle. It is also worth mentioning the considerable unladen weight, ranging from 2,780 to over 3,000 kg , which is especially noticeable in the base version of the 2.0 MultiJet 115.

The functionality of Knaus vehicles is emphasized by numerous lockers and lockers, invaluable during a holiday trip. Like the standard refrigerator, a cooker powered by two independent gas cylinders and a TV set on the list of options. In addition, the customer can equip the Sky Traveler with automatic air conditioning, also in the rest area of the motorhome, as well as parking heating compatible with additional insulation of the entire body.

To become the owner of the Sky Traveler model, you need to spend at least 46,400 euros on its purchase - in the case of the base specification. However, it is enough to choose a few paid extras, then we will easily increase the price by even several thousand euros. This medium-sized motorhome is especially impressive with the number of places for travelers. Despite its small dimensions, it can accommodate up to six people with equipment. No wonder that it is mainly used by families.

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