Laika - Dolce Vita in new variants

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For the 2016/2017 season, Laika has prepared two new versions of its motorhomes. Although the Italian brand also offers fully integrated vehicles, the new products concern semi-integrated vehicles without alcoves, i.e. those that may be of interest to the largest group of customers.

Kreos 3009 - Italian elegance

The Kreos model with a lowered roof (i.e. without an alcove) is available in seven variants. The latest one is called 3009 and is probably the most important novelty in Laika's 2017 offer . Although it is difficult to talk about a revolution in this case, this model can count on the interest of buyers.

The first reason is that the vehicle, although 6.99 m long , is based on the even lighter Fiat Ducato 35 (43 Heavy chassis is optional). But there are more arguments for the new Kreos.

The interior is 2.10 m high . That's a lot, although such spaciousness cannot be reconciled with a suspended (and electrically regulated) bed. When we decide on such a double sleeping place, the upper limit of the vehicle will be lowered by 15 cm . So if we want to have a lot of space over our heads, we can give up this convenience and use a structure consisting of a passenger seat and a seat in the living area as a third place to sleep.

Interestingly, you can also order a version with five sleeping places - then three people can be placed on a mattress suspended from the ceiling.


In the kitchen, in addition to a worktop with burners and a sink, there is also a foldable side worktop . The kitchen has additional LED lighting , and in the drawers you will find partitions that can be adjusted according to your "whim".

The big advantage of this version of Kreos is the sliding door to the bedroom - it is a rarity in motorhomes of this size, although it must be admitted that such a solution is slowly becoming popular. More unusual may be the quilted headrests in the rear beds and the wide mirror above them. Reading lamps with a long "gooseneck" seem very practical.

In the bathroom , the floor is also a shower tray . The advantage of this small room is the standard side window, which allows a lot of light into the interior.

The floor throughout the caravan is at the same level and has storage compartments. The light opens automatically in them (as in a refrigerator). And while we're at it, standard equipment includes, among others 142 liter fridge-freezer , USB ports in the living room and bedroom, and a storage space for a TV set.

Ecovip 305 - small, but with a garage

Laika Ecovip is available in eight variants . The newest and one of the shortest models is the 305 version with a total length of 5.99 m . It turns out that this is enough to offer a vehicle with a suspended bed at the front and a garage at the rear.

ecovip-305jpg Leaving the rear bed, we reduce the area of \ u200b \ u200bthe garage . Its width is always 76 cm, while the height is adjustable in the range from 58 to 78 cm . It is worth noting that the garage has a partition system, so that more space can be divided into smaller compartments. In turn, there is a place for a wardrobe in the bed.

This model also provides optional accommodation for five people , but we think it is better to opt for a more comfortable layout - two sleeping places in the back and a suspended bed for one person in the front. Replacing the front bed with a 3-seater can significantly "clutter" the not too spacious interior.

We do not know the prices of the latest versions yet, but we can estimate them using examples of similar models. In Germany, the Kreos 3008 model costs approx. 69 thousand. euro , and Ecovip 300 - approx. 55 thousand. euro . The prices apply to the basic versions, without additional equipment.

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